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Username: Username: Ðelta
Favorite LoZ game: Wind Waker
Triforce Section: Wisdom

What is your favorite character, and why?: Either Tetra or Tingle. Probably Tetra, but Tingle is awesome in a bizarre way.
What is your favorite instrument used in the games?: The horse whistle grass in TP Probably the Wind Waker.
Who is your favorite partner? (Midna, Navi, etc.): Midna or The King of Red Lions
Who is your favorite incarnation of Link? Zelda?: WW/PH/ST Link, Twilight Princess Zelda.
Who was the hardest and easiest boss for you?: Ganon and Gohma respectively, nothing special or different, unfortunately.

The only Zelda game I haven't played yet is Skyward Sword, although I've watched a good amount of the game on YouTube.