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(Note: I do still ask Vato for approval on Eli catching her own Pokémon. I trust myself as little as I trust the rest of ya. xD)

Eli - Petalburg Woods

Eli left much earlier than Isla and Geoff did, and ran off to get some training in for everyone — herself included. During her meditation out on Route 104, Vex took out a Zigzagoon without much trouble, and Albion beat down a pair of them for himself, but they ended up chasing down a Taillow into Petalburg Woods when Eli failed a capture attempt.

"You know, if you actually listened to me we probably would have caught it on at least the second try, Derpy." The Psyduck was following behind an annoying Skitty and the Vulpix at Eli's side trying to tune them out. Between the "Duck" and "Miau!", it was difficult to tell which Pokemon was making Vex more agitated. When they caught up to the Taillow it was lost in a flock of them that were just flying away, and Eli kicked something in her mad dash to reach the bird.

It was a Wurmple... with a lot of Sewaddle, Wurmple, Caterpie and Weedle friends. They all started to scurry around and use String Shot, encasing most of Derpy in a web cocoon. Now, while that was undeniably funny and it shut him up, Eli sent the duck back to his Pokeball and had Vex start burning the bugs — needless to say that Fire Spin did wonderfully with Albion's Scratch following up, but it only attracted more bugs, including an angry Whirlipede whose home was burned to the ground. It screamed while it attacked Eli her Pokemon, "WHIRL WHIRL WHIRL WHIRL..." but everyone could tell it was all expletives.

In all the commotion and chaos, Whirlipede woke even more pissy Pokemon, including a Scyther with a schnasty attitude. "Whiiiiiiirl...!" the wheel-bug yelled when a Vacuum Wave sent it flying, and as the Scyther turned to Eli the hunter had quickly become the hunted.

Eli - Battling an Angry Scyther

With Albion practically crapping himself and Vex slowly losing steam, they didn't have much of a chance against the Scyther, who was at full strength. Derpy released himself from his Pokeball when Scyther whacked Albion into a shrub, repeating his clueless "Duck!" in an attempt to cheer the Skitty up.

"SHUT UP DERPY!" the cat and fox both yelled, prompting the poor Psyduck to dejectedly seat himself at Eli's feet, clutching his head and almost... crying? (Can't help but feel bad for the little guy by now.)

Vex fought with Scyther over Quick Attacks and the latter's Vacuum Wave before she shielded herself with Fire Spin. Then Scyther went for Albion again.

Sing did nothing; Scyther's speed and scythes literally cut through the noise. He was too scared to use Baton Pass, and Fake Out failed. They were both guys, so Attract inevitably failed. It was just a slashing war now, and Albion was losing. Derpy was watching, and he didn't laugh at his bullies' plight. He wanted to help. Taking a stronger grip of his skull, Derpy dug his claws into the skin. A blue orb took shape in front of his beak, and with a strained "Psy...duuuuuuck!" it released a speeding beam of freezing death right into Scyther's face, who was almost too busy smacking Albion about to notice.... Almost.

What was left was Albion lying injured in front of a block of ice. Inside it was the Scyther, unable to move, but staring in Derpy's direction. Derpy himself went back to being... well, Derpy, and decided to return to his Pokeball, unsure of why he was even outside. Vex's jaw was dropped lower than a Diglett, and she fell over to be recalled to her own Pokeball. Albion had to be recalled to his, too, as he (for once) couldn't find the energy to climb on Eli's head again. Eli looked at the Scyther for a short time before deciding with a smile, "Let's take him with us."

Level 12
- Vacuum Wave
- Quick Attack
- Pursuit
- Counter

I will be moving my account to Songbird over the course of immediately. The signature will stay as is for posterity and reference.
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