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Quote originally posted by CycloneGU:

I am a Fire starter user. Though yes, statistically, even in Black it paled to others come time for the E4. (Even though it was part Fighting type, which is why I chose it.)

In this game, because you choose your starter from the first gen. and get others as you go, I will probably select based on my party weaknesses; I have enough Fire with Growlithe now. I don't have a lot of good Grass choices, and my Water starter (Mudkip) is part-Ground (which makes it super awesome against Electric types). Thus, I am debating going with Grass for at least one selection of the remaining two.

I also used Emboar in BW and B2W2 but scrapped him as soon as Volcarona was available.
It's the worst fire starter and that's for sure
But that doesn't matter, I don't get why people use it when they can have Charizard here... :/

Quote originally posted by codycargill:
thanks for he info i guess, but i asked because a couple of youtube videos showed people playing in other regions, but they never explained how
That was most likely the old LP which had Sinnoh and part of Johto.
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