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If Ghetsis won then he would probably have power to rule all over Unova saying he beat both heroes.He would then establish a law stating that nobody except him and Team Plasma are allowed to own pokemon.The people at first will try to refuse but eventually will release their pokemon valuing their life more.Of course the Gym leaders become useless without their pokemon.Ghetsis then would start catching all the legendaries he could find,already having stolen Hilbert/Hilda and N's Legendary Dragons making him more powerful.With all of Unova under his power and fear he would start planning to capture other regions...and eventually total world domination.

If N had won he would do things in a much more peaceful way and since Ghetsis was never able to reveal his true intentions, he would go with it.Most people would listen to his words because he was chosen by the Legendary Dragon and the people who didn't obey were dealt with by Team Plasma.Hilbert/Hilda would have been imprisoned by N never seeing the light of day, of course there would be rebel forces still with pokemon trying to rescue Hilbert/Hilda because he/she was also chosen by another Legendary Dragon.But the outcome would pretty much be the same but the liberation of pokemon would only go so far as the Unova region with N still trying to convince other regions to join the cause but they won't listen because he only has one legendary,N not wanting to catch any others because that would be against his beliefs.

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