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Time to update.

-Arrived in Saffron City
-Obtained the Lost Item
-Found out that Latios, the Eon Dragon Pokemon, was roaming around Kanto
-Swapped the Lost Item for the Pass

-Challenged Saffron City Gym Leader Sabrina (my absolute favorite Gym Leader)
-Blizzard OHKO Gallade
-Medicham was able to use Fake Out but then suffered the same fate as Gallade
-Blizzard OHKO Mr. Mime
NB: Something I've always wondered, why is Sabrina's Mr. Mime a female?
-Blizzard OHKO Wobbuffet
-Sheer Cold made contact with Alazakam
-Sheer Cold hit Hypno
-Leader Sabrina was defeated

-Received the Marsh Badge and TM48 Skill Swap
-Registered Sabrina in the PG
-Flew to Pewter City and travelled to Viridian City
-Travelled to Pallet Town
-Arrived on Cinnabar Island

-Challenged Cinnabar/Seafoam Island Gym Leader Blaine
-Earth Power OHKO Rapidash, Ninetales, Macargo, Arcanine, Magmortar and Camerupt
-Leader Blaine was defeated

-Received the Volcano Badge and TM50 Overheat
-Registered Blaine in the PG
-Met Blue at Cinnabar Island
-Flew to Viridian City

-Challenged Viridian City Gym Leader Blue
-Psychic OHKO Nidoqueen
-Focus Blast OHKO Tyranitar
-Focus Blast almost took out Rhyperior but Benihime was hit with Megahorn, taking her out of the battle for now
-Two hits of Earth Power finished Rhyperior off after Blue used a FR
-Revived Benihime
-Used a FR on both Shirayuki and Benihime
-Psychic OHKO Machamp
-Thunderbolt OHKO Gyarados
-Used a FR on Shirayuki then hit Exeggutor with a Blizzard
-Leader Blue was defeated

-Received the Earth Badge and TM92 Trick Room
-Registered Blue in the PG
-Flew to Pallet Town and received HM08 Rock Climb from Prof. Oak
-Heard from Prof. Oak about odd rumors in the Viridian Forest and decided to check them out before heading to Mt. Silver
-Flew to Viridian City and headed north to Viridian Forest
-Found and caught a rare Psychic-Type in the Forest as a HM Slave (Genderless, Lv.45)
NB: I will be adding the Pokemon I just caught to my team once I arrive at the Pokemon Center near Mt. Silver
-Taught both Benihime and Shirayuki Hyper Beam
-Arrived at Mt. Silver
-Deposited all but Shirayuki and Benihime into the PC, and withdrew the new HM Slave
-Gave the new HM Slave the Exp. Share and taught it Rock Climb, Surf, Strength and Rock Smash
-Entered Mt. Silver Cave
-Finally reached the summit of Mt. Silver, picking up two Max Revives along the way
-Challenged and defeated Red (video documentation later)
Challenge completed! I'm ashamed it took me this long to complete it, and also ashamed that I turned a Pokemon of my favorite type into a HM Slave.

EDIT: Video documentation of the battle against Red is finally uploaded! Find it at
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