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Quote originally posted by Squidchan:
Thinking about goats, I wouldn't mind seeing their take on a tree-climbing goat.
Wouldn't it be awesome?! Specifically, the Markhor, wich is a species of wild goat. Those horns really look like drills or something. I'm visualizing now an angry Markhor using Megahorn or Earthquake.

Quote originally posted by Mr Cat Dog:
If Girafarig and Zebstrika had a baby, it should so be a new Pokemon based on an okapi. It's one of my favourite animals, even though no one knows about it who hasn't played Zoo Tycoon. And it just looks so cute! :D
It would be really nice. I love them. Maybe it could be a Normal type pokemon?

Quote originally posted by Honeyman:
I realize that there also isn't any hammerhead shark yet. It could be an evolved form of a swordfish Pokemon.
That's a nice idea. There's no proper shark in the pokemon world actually. Only Garchomp line, wich isn't so much off a shark. Sharpedo is half shark, and I don't like it.
I still don't get how they could make only two shark pokemon.
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