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I'll sign up. Partner Pokemon being Kingdra and Altaria.
Kingdra has always been such an amazing Pokemon in my eyes, and the water-dragon combination is just the cherry on the cake for me.
Altaria, loved it since...forever. I think the reason I like Altaria a lot is because I don't see a reason not to.

Dragon types have always been up there for me; regarded as one of the most powerful types throughout all the regions. I've seen quite a few people class Dragon-type Pokemon as overpowered (Magikarp is debatable in this case) and there are certain aspects of that which I agree to, but the reason I think that they are strong is because their only big weakness is..well...Dragon. Also because a lot of legendary Pokemon are Dragon-type but it would be weird if they weren't considering that Dragons' were known to be a superior specie before.