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Sounds good to me. Shouldn't gift pokemon be included in the Presents category though? And for Coal...ummm...there prolly should be another option...

Wait, maybe a black colored pokemon? although that doesn't really fit the theme of "bad".

How about pokemon used by the evil gang in your game? Grunts only, so we don't have people using the leader's pokemon, which can be awesome at times.
Oh, I really like these ideas! :) Thank you!

If anyone else has ideas for what can be a present and what can be coal, feel free to VM or PM them to me. I gotta work on the MOTY stuff tonight as well as posting the challenge. Sorry the challenge is so rushed btw. XD But I'll try to think of some other stuff as well. Since everyone seems to be on board with this stocking thing, then that will be it and I'll try to have it up around midnight CST! :)

edit: or tomorrow morning because i am really tired night night. btw, MOTY challenge ballot is up, so please vote everyone! the GPGD ballot is up in PGC so please vote in that one as well. night night birdies.
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