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Hello Pokecommunity, this is my 4th (and hopefully final) try at trying to make a post. Here we go.


Johto was a new region a few years ago. Now if you were to compare it from before to now it would almost be a whole new region. Well thats the case here. New pokemon from distant regions called Hoenn, Sinnoh, And Unova have migrated to the Johto Region which is now called Gandolinium since in the past years with the floods and earthquakes a mineral called Gandolinium was found. It contained a mysterious power we still don't know what does today. Anyways now that the region has shifted from earthquakes and floods and a new mineral has been found you are a trainer trying to compete with your brother, who is also the original HIRO from Pokemon Gold/Silver. With you competing with him, A new region and pokemon, and lots to explore you better get going. Okay Professor Elm will see you in his lab ASAP!


-New Region (sorta new maps same connections)

-Migrated Pokemon from Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova

-New trainers and Old Gym Leaders

Thats all i can think of.

Progress List

Well here we go with a progress list.

Route 33 Trainers 0%
Route 33 Map. 100%
Route 33 Wild Pokemon 100%
Azalea Town Map 100%

Azalea Town Gym and Leader! 0%
Ilex Forest No trainers so just wild Pokemon and map redo. 0%
Add Croagunk and Toxicroak. 100%
That's my detailed list.


Credit to
Thank you for all devamped sprites that i've used so far.
DevTools for Agixp
Bluesonic (aka Jiggleypuff) for Gold Map
Ericjoy30 fir GSC Move set editor and GSC evolution editor
Lin for Johto Map
BKHN for Poke Edit GSC
Who ever owns PokeText pm me and i'll add you
Skeetendo, inc for Cry Editor GSC
and for Pokemon Gold Rom for starting me out.
Thats all i can think of for now. So thank you to all i have listed
for supplying me with tools i can use for my game.

A little bit more to go!


Now heres what you have been reading this all. Right?

Download Link
Download Link

Sadly i hate putting this

Working with school then game!

I'd love feedback so let me know how i did.

Final thing my status. Every day or so i will update what im working on and update the progress list. Here's my status right now

Status: Doing school work for a while! When i can will work on game. And forget about what i said about taking christmas break. Im not taking a break from this!

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