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[ Member of the Year 2012 ]
Prettiest Profile Contest!
Hosted by BinaryPeaches

What is the Prettiest Profile Contest?

Pokecommunity's Prettiest Profile Contest (PC's PPC for short) is a competition in which entrants try to receive the votes of their fellow members by giving their profile a great design. This may include a magnificent color scheme, a good profile picture, and for supporters, a great wallpaper (Youtube videos and avatar/signatures should not be taken into consideration). Winners of both the Non-supporter and Supporter categories will be awarded a "Prettiest Profile Contest Winner" emblem and their profile will be declared as PC's Prettiest.

Differences for Member of the Year

Several changes have been made to this Prettiest Profile Contest, to coincide with Member of the Year. For this contest, everyone is allow to entry including past winners. However, in order for the profile to qualify, it must have been designed during the year of 2012. If you had made your profile during the year of 2010, then you may change it (enough in which we can tell you changed it) so it qualifies for this contest.

Because both past winners and those who haven't won yet may participate, the number of profiles one can vote for have been boosted up by one. Thus, you may vote for up to eight profiles, instead of the usual six. If enough people would like to still only vote for four, then it's possible to make the last two optional. The rule that you must for an even amount of votes still apply.

As for the emblem, the top three profiles for each category will receive the emblem, as the emblem is different than your traditional Prettiest Profile Contest. If the first place winner of either group has never won a Prettiest Profile Contest, then they may request the typical emblem for this contest.

Thank you, and have fun during this part of Member of the Year!

What you're playing for!*

Member of the Year All-stars
You may not have won Member of the Year in Member of the Year, but you did place something in Member of the Year for one year.
* Emblem is subject to change


  • All General PC Rules and Other Trivia Rules apply. Having common sense about behavior towards others should be a given.
  • Unlike the usual PC's Prettiest Profile Contest, those who are a previous winner of a contest may still participate. However, their profile must have been made during the year of 2012 in order for it to qualify.
  • To enter, simply post here indicating that you wish to do so. You can change your profile any way you like before the voting period. When the voting period starts, you may not change it in any way.
  • If you are a Supporter, please make sure any graphics that you use are designed by you as your profile only qualifies if your profile was designed by yourself.
  • Please enter during the entry period. No other entries will be allowed.
  • For participants, voting is mandatory. BinaryPeaches reserve the right to pester you to vote if you have yet to vote when the deadline is near. If you fail to send a vote, you will be disqualified. Refer to the ballot down below for more information.
  • You can't vote for yourself
  • To vote, send your ballot to BinaryPeaches via PM. Also, do not bother BinaryPeaches about the results. BinaryPeaches will be doing her best to tally up the votes with the highest amount of accuracy so no one will be wronged, so be patient.
  • You must vote for at least 3 supporters and 3. non-supporters. An optional forth vote for both categories is allowed. Should you use the optional vote, however, you must use it for both categories (so no voting for 5 or 7 people; you must either vote for 6 or 8 people)

Time Periods

From: Whenever this thread was posted
To: 12:00 AM Monday, December 17th, Eastern Standard Time

From: 12:00 AM Monday, December 17th, Eastern Standard Time
To: 12:00 AM Tuesday, January 1st, Eastern Standard Time

If you don't know what time the two periods start and end, look for Eastern Standard time in The World Clock.


Please use the following ballot when sending your votes. With the possibility of so many entries, the amount of profiles one person can vote for has risen.

4. (optional)

4. (optional)

Click here to send your votes (via Private Message) to BinaryPeaches


Check out these profiles and cast your vote for who do you think has the prettiest one. Please view the profiles using the vBulletin Default Skin so your decision can be more neutral. You can switch back to the skin you like afterwards by going to User CP -> Switch Forum Styles. Or, to make it easier, just click the names and it'll take you to the profiles with the default skin.

- Minzy
- Pokestick, Good Times.
- Yuki's Sword
- GolurkIsDaBomb
- TwilightBlade
- PerditionHaze
- gunnerpow7
- Curious.
- Cid
- Derozio
- Leaf Storm
- Hikari10
- Counterfeit
- Olli97
- Suicune™

- AWsquared
- Volcanix769
- glitchguy
- Avishka
- Limanya
- forever2 (aka Forever)
- Icy Burn
- Umbr30n
- Galoria
- Mononoke Hime
- synerjee

* awaiting conformation that profile is from 2012
** awaiting profile to be made

Credit to all the past hosts for the content, especially Jordan for the content. CSS coded by Alternative.

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