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If Spyro is on the list, then allow me to mention Resident Evil.

Jokes aside, where is F-Zero in the list? The last mainline game was back in 2003, and it bombed because a) lack of proper marketing, b) hard as hell and c) Mario Kart Double Dash was released shortly afterwards so many people went with it for a racing game. The series (at least the mainline series, can't speak for the spin-offs on the GBA) is absolutely stellar and, dare I say, perfect. It's such a shame that due to the series being hard to get into and Nintendo's lack of focus towards it made it dead since 2004.

Originally Posted by Honeyman View Post
I would really like to see a sequel to Wario World on either the Wii U or 3DS. That was, and still is one of my favourite GameCube games.
Originally Posted by St33lDr4g0n View Post
Pokemon R/S/E definitely need to come to the DS!

Hoenn is the only reigon that hasn't had a remake for the DS console. Emerald is also the Pokemon game that started it all for me. the gameplay and storyline got me hooked into the series :D
Game franchises, not stand-alone games.

In the case of Wario World. It's an odd situation, but I'd consider it a 3D take on the fantastic Wario Land series, which has recieved a solid game back in 2008 with Wario Land: Shake It!. I can't speak for Wario World itself, but if it showed anything, it's that Wario Land is better off as a 2D platformer/puzzle. The Wario series in general is still in good condition, with Wario World and Master of Disguise being the only mediocre games to the franchise, but still fun in their own rights.

Pokemon R/S/'re asking for a port or a remake which is a completely different case. Also there are an abundant amount of threads for RSE remakes so I think it would be better and wise to mention an actual video game franchise in your post.

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