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Hi,Im new here and I just wanted to introduce myself.I am 27thColt and I play pokemon...(duh!)well,I will list my team for Pokemon SoulSilver because I lost Pokemon White and I don't have Pokemon Black 2.

SoulSilver Team:

Jaws/Feraligatr Lv.55
Muscle Band
Crunch,Ice Fang,Surf,Waterfall

WunAtchPee/Fearow Lv.55
Choice Scarf
Drill Peck,Fly,Mirror Move,Assurance

PoisonFart/Gengar Lv.55
No Held Item
Hypnosis,Shadow Ball,Psychic,Mean Look

GrimReapa/Scizor Lv.55
Metal Coat
Iron Head,Iron Defense,X-Scissor,False Swipe

The Flash/Jolteon Lv.54
No Held Item
Thunder Fang,Pin Missle,Flash,Charge Beam

Muscle/Machamp Lv.55
Destiny Knot
Rock Climb,Strength,Earthquake,Karate Chop

Now dont say my team sucks or any other criticism please.

My team is still in progress.I need to to train to beat Red and still look for replacement items/moves.

Any tips/Suggestions for beating Red or Training to beat Red?