Thread: 4th Generation: Cynthia or Lance?
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Quote originally posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™:
Cynthia wins despite Lance scoring major points for the cape. Her team is just so much more balanced, requiring more than just Ice Beam and Thunderbolt to take down - you actually have to be creative and flexible when facing her, and she put up a tougher fight than Lance ever did.

Plus she's the first female champion, so she earns extra points there.
Quote originally posted by Pinkie-Dawn:
Cynthia wins, hands down. Her team is more diverse than Lance's, and she's incredibly hot.
...and this especially.

I feel Lance is more of an over-praised Trainer who seems to like spamming Dragonites. Cynthia has a variety of Pokémon to suit multiple types of opposition. Lance, on the other hand, has mainly, only Dragon types.

Here, my statistics for beating each champion:
Cynthia: 4 tries, lots of Full Restores.
Lance: 1 try, taught my Red Gyarados Ice Beam. At Lv 40, it KO'd all of Lance's Pokémon by itself.

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