Thread: Emerald hack: Pokémon Glazed! (Beta 7 Released!)
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Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
Pokemon Emerald is a 16MB ROM. If you use different tools other than tsukuyomi or Lunar IPS, it makes it 32MB. e-e That's why it should be an IPS file so it doesn't make us go through the trouble of patching and playing this.
I'm afraid I don't understand...IPS is still a patch, so you'd have to go through the trouble of patching either way. Lunar IPS is the most popular IPS patcher, I believe, and it doesn't accept expanded ROMs like Glazed. Unless there's some obscure 32MB IPS patcher I haven't heard, but even if that were the case, it's obscure, so people aren't likely to have it anyway.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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