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Originally Posted by Emperor Serperior View Post
Hello I am Emperor Serperior and im new to this form so i would apprciate if you accept me as a active member as ill try to be a active memebr of this wonderful form and by the way i happen to be Muslim so ishallah we'll all have a good future and may Allah forgive us all for our sins for he is Almighty


Hi Emperor Serperior, and welcome.

I have to say, Serperior is a good starter as far as design goes. I prefer the Oshawott line better though just cos I like the Samurai concept with their designs. And glad you joined here, we have loads of topics you can discuss and members to talk to.

Like what Cirno said, we're very friendly (and I happen to be friendly too) so I'm sure everyone will be able to help you. Cirno's already recommended Fourth Generation Games, since you like D/P. (Their mod is also a nice guy so you won't have problems with him). I'm into 5th Gen more though, especially Black and White.

Grass, Water and Dragon-type fan, huh? We have some clubs you might want to join in Pokemon Clubs. I've got the links here if you want to check them out: Dragon, Water and Grass.

Have fun, and if you need to talk I'm always open for a VM!

- Hikari10
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