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Alright, Preface before the Preface. First off, this is my first 'Fic. I'm putting it on as well, but, I'd like to post it here too. Please note, this hasn't been Beta'd by anyone yet, due to my FF beta still not accepting the document transfer. :\ On to the Story.

Hello! My name’s Benki. I’m a Quilava, raised under Red. No, not the famous Red of the Kanto region, just a trainer in the Johto region. While he isn’t famous or anything, he has amazing battle skills. I’m going to be writing these, so everything will be in my point of view.

“Go, Benki! Flamethrower!”

I nodded and eagerly ran on the battlefield, adrenaline pumping through me. I always loved this moment, the feeling of anticipation before I fought a powerful opponent. I took aim at the Pokemon in front of me, and felt warm flames beginning to lick at my mouth. I opened my mouth, and shot out a long line of flames at the Pokemon, watching as it attempted to dodge, only to get it’s wing seared.

The Pokemon in question cried out in pain, though quickly regained it’s concentration. “Alright Crobat, fight back with Air Slash!” it’s trainer cried. The Crobat crossed it’s arms, and a few seconds later wind was visibly gathering in an ‘x’ shape. The Crobat fired at me, falling backwards a bit from the recoil.

“Benki! Dodge using Quick Attack!” Red shouted, and I obeyed. I jumped in the air, the ‘x’ of wind grazing my hind legs, and became a blur of red and blue before landing a punch in my target’s stomach. I heard an “Oof!” sound, and the Crobat instinctively swatted at me, using it’s claws. I jumped back, awaiting orders. “Crobat, use Poison Fang before it attacks!” The trainer called, and the Crobat darted at me, it’s fangs glowing an ominous purple.

“Benki! Use flamethrower again! Avoid the fangs!” I nodded, feeling the warm flames forming in my mouth. I shot them at the Crobat, who visibly flinched as the flames hit it dead on. It’s eyes began spiraling, and it fell to the ground on it’s back. “You did good Crobat! Take a rest!” It’s trainer called, and the Crobat turned red and shrunk into the red-and-white ball in the trainer’s hand.

Red and Crobat’s trainer walked over and shook hands, then began walking seperate ways, with the trainer heading to the Pokemon Center in Goldenrod City, which was south of us, while we walked north to National Park.

“Good job Benki!” Red said, patting me on my head. I was always amazed at how he managed to pet me without being burned. I smiled, then turned back to face the route in front of me. Only a couple of meters until the gate.. “Race ‘ya!” Red said, causing me to break into a grin. I sprinted, along with my trainer, loving the moment. Red was somehow managing to get in front of me, and I used Quick Attack to get ahead of him, stopping at the doors with a smirk on my face.

“Beat ‘ya.” I said, earning me a light slap from Red. “Shut up. You cheated.” He responded, though he was still grinning. His brown hair had been blown sideways while he was running, laying on one side of his head, covering parts of his red bandanna. Red always wore a bandanna, even in his sleep. Unlike a boy we kept seeing in the news, he didn't have a white sock covering his hair. People from other places just dress funny.


We walked into the gate, entering National Park. I always loved coming here, with the relaxing music playing and the fountains. It made me a bit said to know that the music here was going to be changed soon.

Red sat down on a bench, relaxing. I sat at his feet obediently, watching as strangers went by, occasionally the younger ones coming to look at me. A little girl walked over to me, her father directly behind her, and asked Red if she could pet me. Before Red said anything, I dimmed my flames on my head, allowing her to pet me without being burned.

“He’s sooo cute~~!” The girl cooed, making me go a bit red. Red laughed, and the girl and her father continued walking around the park. After a few minutes of resting, Red got up and began a short journey to Ecruteak City.

When we arrived in Ecruteak (after me and Red defeating several trainers on Route 36), we headed straight to the Pokemon Center. I always hated coming here, because I was forced to return to my PokeBall. Reluctantly, I allowed myself to return. The scenery changed from a sterile hospital to an endless green forest, which would be relaxing if it wasn't so claustrophobic. Suddenly, the forest disappeared and was replaced by a big red plus sign, accompanied by a little ringtone. My bruises and scratches vanished, and I felt energetic.

The plus sign vanished, and the green forest returned. After a few seconds, I released myself, appearing next to Red’s shoe.

“Sorry, I needed to get your HP up.” Red said, looking a bit sheepish. He knew I hated these places. “It’s fine.” I sighed. He smiled, then walked into an area behind the Healing Counter, where several rooms where for travelers. Red opened one of them, and I ran inside. I fell onto the bed, and stretched out my legs. Red laughed, then walked in and closed the door. Red began searching through his bag for his pajamas, and when he found them he went into a bathroom on my right.

I crawled over to a window next to the bed, and watched as the lights in the city flickered on one by one, until the entire city was aglow with a nice yellowish glow, which was much more natural looking than the stark white light Fluorescent lights gave off. I watched as people and their Pokemon began walking home, most of them from watching the sunset.

Red came out of the bathroom, changed and clean, and came over to me. “Whatcha lookin at?” he asked, then noticed me staring at lights. He gave me a look that said are you really that bored? then laid down on the bed.

I jumped off the windowsill and laid at the foot of the bed, and quickly fell into the clutches of sleep. Blackness enveloped me, and a blurry image began to form.. Oh crap. I’m dreaming.

“Go, Quilava!” The teen (who was not Red) commanded, thrusting out my Pokeball, which popped open. I stood up, looking at my enemy. I was shocked to know it was a water-type, to which I was weak against. The Pokemon was actually a Marill, who looked a bit sorry to be battling me.

“Quilava, use Quick Attack.” My trainer said, and I obeyed, sprinting forward, and punching the Marill in the stomach. ‘Sorry’ I muttered. The Marill fell backwards, though quickly got back up. It’s trainer told it to use Surf, to which I paled at. I braced myself, and felt a huge wave of water pound me. I landed flat on my back, making a sickening cracking noise. Thankfully, I didn’t break anything, though I was incredibly sore and feeling sick. My flames were small, though sizzling off the remaining water on my skin. I got back up, although I was a bit wobbly on my feet.

The enemy trainer noticed, and commanded the Marill to attack me again, this time using BubbleBeam. I managed to dodge some of them, though others hit me spot on. I groaned in pain, though continued to fight. “Use Flamethrower!” My trainer commanded. Idiot! Didn’t he know Fire attacks were useless against water types? I obeyed anyway, and fired a Flamethrower at the Marill, who didn’t seem to react at all. It didn’t even wait for the command to use Bubblebeam before the world began to spin...

I woke up sweating, adrenaline pumping, rage and hurt and despair running through me, and a feeling of wanting to vomit. It took a few seconds before I remembered that I was in a Pokemon Center with my master, Red. I calmed down, relaxing. My flames began to shrink to their normal size, after flaring from the adrenaline rush. I sighed again, then walked out of the room into another room father back in the Pokemon Center. The room was full of targets, and I began shooting assorted fire attacks at them, in an attempt to blow off steam.

It took about 30 minutes before Red woke up, and about a minute to find me (it took 5 seconds to realize I wasn’t there). When he had found me, he simply stared at the wall I had been target-practicing on. The entire wall had been scorched, though he was not in the least concerned about paying for it (a new wall was only ¥300). “Jeez Benki, what’s gotten you so ticked off?” Red asked, to which I replied with a 'hmph.'

“OK, You don’t wanna talk about it..” Red said, though he was obviously worried about me. “Anyway, let’s take out the team, since you decided to train so early in the morning..” Red said, then pulled out 4 other PokeBalls, and released all of his other Pokemon.

A Pidgeot, an Eevee with spiky hair (he always managed to get it that way), a Poliwhirl, and a Scyther exploded out of the Pokeballs. All of them had nicknames, none of which I could remember. The final team member was still an Egg, so obviously it wouldn’t come out.

Red commanded each of us to attack some targets, occasionally coming up with new, improvised moves. One of which was me setting myself on fire then using Quick Attack, which was really fun, plus I got to see Scyther freak out when I started burning (he had a habit of doing that whenever he saw me play with my element). I watched as Eevee practiced using his Tackle and Quick Attack, each of which were pretty powerful for still being basic moves. Eevee was really serious about his training. He never slacked off, and had a Serious nature.

Poliwhirl was busy shooting Bubbles at his targets, sometimes using a more powerful Water Gun. I involuntarily flinched when I saw him spraying water, my mind flying back to the battle with Marill...

The Poliwhirl noticed, and looked at me with a small smirk. “What, do you think I’m gonna spray you? Besides, even though I have a slightly higher level than you, a Bubble attack wouldn’t do much damage, even if I have the type advantage.” Poliwhirl was such a know-it-all, though he was right. I had the lowest level out of all of the team, minus the Egg.

When we had finished training, Red returned us all to our Pokeballs (aside from me) and walked out of the Pokemon Center, into Ecruteak city, in order to challenge the gym leader there.

Oh Mew, the Gym Leader uses Ghost types... I’m gonna die.

Alright. This is ‘me’ here, AKA the author. While Benki does the opening write, I get to do the closing. Anyway, I managed to write this all on Thanksgiving, which is due to me being sick with a cold. I’ll be writing these during breaks and when I have free time, meaning you might be seeing an update every other week.

Quick Notes:

Benki is Kannada(ian?) for Fire. (Not Canadian)

The Boy Trainer that Benki was dreaming about will be reflected on more in later chapters.

Again, I do not own Pokemon in any way.

Thanks for reading, please review, tell me what you’d like to see, what I need to improve, etc. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!
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