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It is possible to change the Fire red Battle Hud? I mean the PkMn Name/Level/HP/Exp bar.

EDIT: I managed to change the background piece of the battle hud.. But i can't find the image of the HP/EXP Bars and Name in UNLZ, i tried also NLZ and i found some, but they are not those in the battle screen, but pokemon info/menu.

Thats the result: hxxp://

A bit messy because of the name/HP not being trasparent...

if someone know the offset of those bars please tell me!

Quote originally posted by CameraFan:
I'm trying to install JPAN's engine to add more OW palettes but when it gets to the variables for Dynamic OWs promptbox it can never progress when I put in a free variable. Am I missing something?

Use the 0xXXXX format, like 0x6000, it worked for me.