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Our once-beautiful country actually stopped after the reign of Marcos and during Erap's reign the Philippine economy became insane, our debt to other countries, especially to the United States, went high and it became higher during the presidency of Arroyo.

I remember the news when GMA spent millions for a condom supply for the people, it was because of the RH bill (i think) xD but they refused it, so the people who received it burned it...they made a bonfire of it :D It's like burning millions of money. She could have just spend it for a feeding program like that than those things :|////Well at least she got her karma now.

But yeah like the others said, I'm seeing good things around our current President P-Noy. He really is trying to recover Philippines by his projects and such. I just hope it continue and people should really have faith and hope for our current leader :3
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