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Quote originally posted by Ðelta:
Personally, Victini's eyes kinda creep me out. A lot of people like Victini, though.
Riolu is my 3rd favorite, behind Wynaut and Jirachi. Might be the ears.
yeah their ears are very cute! xD XD

Quote originally posted by AllyJacqui:
Hi there! May I please join this marvelous club?
I'd have to say the cutest Pokemon is Furret. I mean honestly, how could you resist that cute little ferret-thing? <3 ^o^
welcome to the marvelous club of cute pokemons!!
Furret is one of the cutest pokemon <3333
fuuuurret pics

lol i love this pic <33 ^

Quote originally posted by ♪Twiggy♪:
I think Victini's ears are... so... floppy... I want to squeeze them. It's too big to not want it.
some victini :