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(Wow, I never noticed this before, and since I've been here for over a year I feel stupid not posting.)

Hello everyone!

I'm ShadowPikachu, and since I never noticed this thread (and therefore never introduced myself), I'll throw a bunch of info out.


Shows: Pokemon*, Acchi Kocchi*, SAO*, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Regular Show, MAD, Invader Zim, etc.

Books: Brain Jacked, Hunger Games, I Am Number Four, etc.

Games: Pokemon (duh), Sonic Generations, a couple other things.

Personal info:

Gender: Male

Age: ***

Other online names: Itazura_Quilava, ***_0426, etc.

Name: Do you think I'd put this on the Interwebs?

Soo, I have no idea what else to put on here. I make Fanfictions, attempt to hack (I can only really make maps), and other stuff!

EDIT: Also, I've been getting into drawing Pokémon, something I've done forever, but I'm starting to consider posting.. If I had a scanner (which I do) and a fast computer (which I don't), then I would. I have done a couple sucky Pixel recoloring (coloring black/white sprites from the original Generations), which I'm thinking of uploading.

YET ANOTHER EDIT: All TV Shows with Asterik (*) are shows watched solely in Japanese. Because American dubs suck, IMO.

Also, I uploaded some Pixel Art, though honestly I see no point in uploading, I did anyway. Here's the thread.
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