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What's on my ballot is my final decision. I omitted some categories because either I don't know who to vote for in them or there really is no use for them in my opinion. lol So yeah.. been working on this ballot since Friday so I'm certain I got the people I want in (that definitely deserved it, of course!). BALLOT IS FINAL and I won't add anything else!


Favourite Female: Iloveeevee, Cirno, Forever, Sydian, Kura

Favourite Male: Mac, SwiftSign, CarefulWetPaint, Sector Revenge, quilzel

Favourite Pairing: Mac x TwilightBlade

Favourite Moderator: Olli97, AlexOzzyCake, Cirno, Sydian, Jellicent

Favourite Higher Staff Member: Captain Fabio, Ausaudriel, TwilightBlade, Went


Most Amusing / Funniest: AlexOzzyCake, Sector Revenge

Most Changed (Since Joining): Curious., Pave Low, Catalyst.

Most Interesting Blogger: bobandbill

Most likely to refresh PC every 5 seconds during a downtime: Winter's Dew

Most Missed: Brickbusterx, Anastasia.R

Least Changed (Since Joining): AlexOzzyCake

Most Optimistic: Zet, Curious., Olli97

Most PC Spirited: Forever, Shining Raichu

Most Post Count Obsessed: droomph

Most Talkative: Urugamosou, Olli97, Iloveeevee, TwilightBlade

Most likely to stay friends: Forever & Kaori

Most likely to become PC's Next Top Model: Luke, ~Kawaii~

Most likely to be featured on Entertainment Tonight: Shining Raichu, Mr Cat Dog, Harlequin

Most likely to fall asleep at their computer: Hybrid Trainer, AlexOzzyCake, Sector Revenge

Most likely to actually stick to their New Year resolution: SwiftSign, quilzel

Most likely to accidentally meet a celebrity and not realise it: Forever, Skymin

Most likely to work for Apple: Patchisou Yutohru, Razor Leaf, Hybrid Trainer

Most likely to marry a prince or princess: Cirno, Sydian, Jellicent

Most likely to become the next Ash Ketchum: Kenshin5, BinaryPeaches

Most likely to get lost in their own city: droomph

Most likely to predict the end of the world: Livewire, FreakyLocz14

Best of the Best

Best Username: Vanillope, Red's Hawt Chibi Pellippers

Best Usertitle: Razor Leaf

Best Signature: Derozio

Best Avatar: BinaryPeaches, Winter's Dew,

Best Forum: Roleplay Corner, New Users/Welcome

Best PokéCommunity Forum Style: Hypno's Lullaby, Chromatic I, Let's Fly Together

Best Event (including events within PCX): PCX Skype Central

2012 in Review

Most likely to be elected President: FreakyLocz14, Netto Azure

Most likely to participate in the Olympics one day: CarefulWetPaint

Most likely to become a Staff Admin: Toujours, Forever, Shining Raichu

Most likely to listen to Whitney Houston CDs on replay: Harlequin

Most likely to watch the last Twilight film more than once: Forever, Abnegation

Most likely to take over PC Lerroux-style: Sector Revenge, Mac, Captain Fabio

Member of the Year

Member of the Year 2012: Golurkisdabomb

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