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Kaiba and Dragoon were making their way out of the city and into the forest. “This is where I journey shall begin, Dragoon.” Kaiba looked down at his partner who was staring back at him. “Is there something you want?” Kaiba asked with a confused look. After asking his Dragoon’s eyes lit up and she started climbing on the side of her trainer as if he was a big tree. Once she made it to his shoulder, she stood up and let out a small victory roar to celebrate her achievement. “Oh I see, you just wanted to ride on my shoulder. It’s fine because most of the little kids in town would do the same thing to me. They call me the Big Tree Brother. It was kind of insulting but cute and amusing too.” Kaiba laughed at his partner and what she had done. They continued to walk through the forest hoping to see some interesting Pokemon. “Dragoon, what kind of ally would be super cool for our combination?” Dragoon simply looked around off of Kaiba’s shoulder as if she was on top of a ship’s mast looking for land. “That’s the spirit, search out a Pokemon partner that will rock the stars themselves.”

Dragoon suddenly started jumping up and down and pointed Kaiba towards a tree. “What’s up with the tree?” Dragoon hopped off her trainer’s shoulder and smacked the tree with her Dragon Rage. The attack was small but still shook the tree enough for Beedrills, Butterfrees, Tailows, Starlys, Pidgeys, and Pidoves to all come flying out. “I see, you knew this tree would make for a good hiding space for the Pokemon. Well now that they are all open for catching, let’s take one!” Kaiba nodded at Dragoon and she nodded back. “Now close your eyes and use one Dragon Rage to knock our target out of the sky!” Dragoon closed her eyes and shot one Dragon Rage at the Pokemon that were flying away. Kaiba looked on to see what Pokemon he would be attempting to capture. That’s when the Dragon Rage caught a Starly and Beedrill. Beedrill was smacked into Starly due to the force of the Dragon Rage. “Didn’t see that one coming…” Kaiba said as he watched both Pokemon fall to the ground.

Dragoon came to her trainer’s side ready for a battle. Then she noticed there were two Pokemon and not just one. Dragoon looked back at her trainer with an “I think I used too much power” face to which Kaiba nodded in agreement. Beedrill was the first to get up and it was quite enraged. It had two scars on both wings, which Kaiba recognized because of his own scars. “This Beedrill must like to fight a lot, well it’s a good thing we hit with our Dragon Rage first. Dragoon, Scratch!” Dragoon lunged at the Beedrill, who just stood there waiting of the attack. The attack connected, but Beedrill did not flinch, it countered with an X-scissor attack that sent Dragoon back. “I see, it was using Focus Energy as you were lunging to attack then used that to increase the power of the X-scissor. That’s definitely coming from battle experience.” Kaiba looked at Dragoon, “We were lucky that wasn’t a critical hit.”

Dragoon got up and dusted off her body. Kaiba notices that Beedrill has not come in for an attack. “Why is it keeping that same distance between us? That Starly is still out, but I doubt that’s the reason. So why is it so far away?” Kaiba then recognized the Beedrill’s plan. “I’m betting it only knows close range moves and that’s how it’s controlling the pace of the battle. If we wait it out he will recover from that first unexpected Dragon Rage, but if we rush in to attack it will just kept countering with close range moves.” Kaiba then swiped his thumb over his nose. “If that’s the game you’re playing, then I’ll happily take the invitation. Dragoon, move in close.” Dragoon rushed in to Beedrill’s area. Beedrill prepares another X-scissor attack on Dragoon. “Two can play the shield and then sword game, Protect!” Dragoon smiles at the Beedrill as she creates a barrier that bounces the X-scissor attack away. Beedrill is caught off guard and is stunned as it tries to gather itself in mid-air. “No time for games, Dragon Rage!” Dragoon opens her mouth and shoots her Dragon Rage into the stomach of the befuddled Beedrill. The Beedrill falls to the ground again, but uses its twin stingers to break its landing.

Beedrill rushes at Dragoon with its purple stingers; it was now using Poison Sting to attack Dragoon. “If we get poisoned we will be in deep trouble. I’m sure Dragoon’s little body couldn’t withstand the perils of being poisoned. Luckily she is dodging those stingers for the time being. I better think of an attack plan soon.” Dragoon caught her trainer’s eye to which she realized what her trainer was plotting. As Beedrill’s stinger came in for another attack, Dragoon ducked below it as if she was avoiding a jab from a boxer, she then delivered a Scratch attack. This broke Beedrill’s stance and with his guard down, Dragoon delivered another Dragon Rage that knocked Beedrill into tree.

“Now let’s settle this score, Pokeball go!” Kaiba threw his Pokeball at the collapsed Beedrill.

As Kaiba waited for his Pokeball to stop shaking, he noticed that Starly was starting to get up. “Looks like our other target is getting up; Dragoon, do you want to capture this one too?” Dragoon nodded with a spark in here eye. Kaiba could tell she wanted to continue battling. Starly rose up, but unlike Beedrill it seemed frightened and scared. It was franticly flying around as if it was trying to escape from the area, but that’s when it noticed Dragoon and Kaiba staring it down. “Dragoon, Dragon Rage attack!” Dragoon fired Dragon Rage at the frightened Starly. Starly was hit and fell to the ground with ease. “At least the Beedrill put up a fight to not smack its face on the ground.”

The Starly got up with tears in its face. “Dragoon, is that Starly, crying?” Dragoon and Kaiba looked at the Starly in shock. The Starly simply sat on the ground crying from being hit and having its face smack the ground. Kaiba started to feel bad for trying to catch it now. “If I catch this Starly then make it into an awesome beast of a Pokemon then I will be one awesome beast of a trainer.”

With that in his mind, Kaiba prepared Dragoon for another attack. “Now use Scratch on that crybaby.” Dragoon looked back with concern at her trainer. Her face said “I really don’t want to bully this one” but she still slowly ran towards the crying Starly. She gave the Starly a weakened Scratch attack. The Starly reacted as if it was hit with a super effective move. Starly started to roll around in the grass as if it was busted up. “Use Dragon Rage one more time!” Dragoon unleashed another Dragon Rage that smacked the fallen Starly. “Now here is another shot, Pokeball go!” Kaiba threw a second Pokeball for the fallen Starly.
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