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Quote originally posted by WolfOfEve:
Errrr, yeah, might've helped if you'd told me you want to interact with my character. Tyler is PTA's new groomer HAHA! FOOLS! I /AM/ TYLER!! I HAVE INFILTRATED YOUR ACADEMY AND WILL MAKE ALL BOW BEFORE ME AS I GROOM YOUR POKéMON TO PERFECTION and also the PokéVersion of myself. However, I'm not necessarily the kind of person who looks for interaction, so your character would have to start talking to me.

And don't worry, I'm Johtoan

Apologies, good Sir! I learned RP in a very different website, so I'm still getting used to things around here. And gotcha; I can do that once he shows up, so I can have my character's reaction to his presence and an inner-monologue about why she's approaching him.

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