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Originally Posted by Fire Flyy View Post
This game is looking really good, it's probably one of my favorites at the moment. The overworld is really nice and synthesized; everything looks so natural and beautiful. I'm wondering why you didn't keep Lavapho's old sprite though, I think it looked better than the one right now :/. Overall it's a great update, good luck with everything. Also, what's the etymology on Tara?

Wow, thank you!

Major thanks go out to Abnegation for helping with my maps; it's only thanks to him that I've improved on my mapping! ♥ Regarding Lavapho's sprite, I changed Lavapho's sprite because a friend offered to resprite it, but if want the old sprite back, I'll change it.
Tara's name was suggested by a friend, though her original name was Tori. Like with Lavapho, I'll change her name if people comment on it enough. Personally, I like Tara more than Tori..

I greatly appreciate your feedback!
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