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Name: Tobi Lomborte
Age: 18
Appearance: Tall about 5ft 11in
Dark-skinned with short, straight black hair, the front strands of his hair falling just bellow the rim of the forehead and all the other sides about the same length with the exception of the back falling a tiny bit. Vibrant violet eyes Usually wearing long cargo jeans, (any)solid-dark top with an image of a wolf. He wields a sword personally handcrafted at the request of his father that fostered him upon entering the famiglia and is a memento of their nice treatment of him after taking him in from the orphanage.

Glancing at Tobi when hes in a neutral mood you'd see a plain facial expression lacking significant emotion and not very inviting. When enjoying himself, say; off on casual walks you would find a small grin on his face showing hes happy or content. Hands fitted with black leather, finger less gloves, and grey jacket. His arcane mark looks like a jagged dark sphere, containing star like figures with tiny wavy triangles making their way around the perimeter, encompassing his left shoulder. Half of the sphere is slightly faded as opposed to the other pith black side.
Personality: Usually reserved and quiet you wont often see him in any big conversation. Passing by, you might seem to find him serious. However Tobi is prone to variable mood shifts, depending on how hes feeling. You might see him happy, laughing and smiling one moment and see his trademark serious face some time later.
However despite that he is very intelligent, adores nature, helpful to everyone around, and tries to do his best to be friendly. However he doesnt like discussing his abilities of the Aracana outside the family much. He doesn't tolerate bullies or people with evil intentions.

Arcana Card: #19 The Sun
Secondary Effects: Upon attaining his power and ability to influence a person's good nature grants him a source of vibrant energy. This energy could be used in various ways such as speed, strength endurance, or even to conjure light, heat, or pressure from his palms if given enough energy. He uses his acquired energy in varies ways such as reinforcing his armor and weapons or giving him the edge over ill minded foes in battle by momentarily distracting them with gracious thoughts. He can spare a fraction of the energy he attains to another if he wishes.

Ability to control powers: Being able to control his powers was very tricky for Tobi being as young as he is. He usually succeeds to wield his powers in a stable environment to being able to concentrate and is usually unsuccessful at performing in hectic environments. However he discovered that his own power is the very answer to that. By reaching into people and realizing the good in the, he uses that serene energy to put himself at ease, even in the thick of battle. That also means he can tell if someone was truly pure evil. However only having several years in practice in his Arcana he could often feel overwhelmed by the energy or have an unintentional effect on people while passing by.

Section of the house & postion: The Sword- The faction of which guards the harbor and ports. Once joining the family, Tobi was at loss at when offered a section of the family to reside in due to his past and restriction of properly expressing himself. As such it was suggested by Nova to place him under the sword to complement his abilities' potential in combat. Tobi accepted mostly due to the scenery of the harbor and ports he is assigned to protect.
History on the island: Being an orphan housed under a village orphanage he had a rough childhood. Often mistreated and taken advantage by other children of despite his many talents Tobi grew up in his younger years being quite shy around others albeit seeking and longing to acquaint himself with another. This led to his habit of isolation and had him focus on this such as art, literacy and fencing. Such talents and distinguishing features he displayed only ostracized him further from the children and other commoners around him, claiming him "different".

As he grew into his early teens he accidentally ran into Falicita while on a daily errand for his foster parents. Spilling the contents of her bag as they bump into each other Tobi insists on assisting on aiding her and bringing her items back to the manor. Upon arrival Nova and the other residence of the manor were interested in such an intriguing boy who would go out of his way to help a strange lady. Over time through secretive test and examinations of character and aptitude through requests and even inviting Tobi to certain family affairs he was given an invitation into the manor. At first flabbergasted, he whole heatedly accepts his invitation. Tobi was then sent into the sword section of the manor while retaining the name of his foster parents.

Ever since gaining his powers he contains to make personal strides to meet the standards of the manor. Often feeling himself sluggish and slightly clumsy with his powers, Tobi retains a minor, yet reserved, inferiority complex with the more adept members of the family. The other members of the family vaguely recognize this and mostly acknowledge his efforts, albeit lightly stressing from time to time he tries to hard and to slow down a bit. Tobi however is on good terms with everyone and has made a few bonds, mostly due to his abilities and being able to see and understand the good qualities in the others. However his general character and lack of extensive prior social skills due to his upbringing cause him to be slightly obscure about himself with the others and unintentionally distancing himself slightly. Although being slightly distant from the others in the family his powers grant him incite on the true feelings and character of all he meets.
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