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I'd love to join. Dragon may not be my favourite typing, but it sure as heck is convenient to use, given just how strong the majority of the Pokemon with a Dragon typing is. Always fun to completely dominate a battle against your friends with completely overpowered Dragon types just to be accused of cheating. Pfft, I only used the cloning trick once with them >_>

I can't help but notice there's a lack of Drake from the Hoenn E4 in the list up there, unless you think he isn't as notable as the other trainers? Well, Lance has always been my favourite champion as well as Dragon trainer, so he's definitely my choice here, and as for the Pokemon, definitely Dragonite.

Dragonite was a Pokemon I spent so much time trying to obtain and train back in the two first generations of Pokemon, back when I was at my peak in my obsession with the franchise. It took me forever to evolve Dratini fully, as I was pretty bad at training, always ending up having it faint, and at one point I thought it needed to evolve through other methods, as it took so gosh darn long to evolve, but in the end I finally got my Dragonite. It was fun to use, and the battles against Lance in the E4 was a lot easier from that point on, despite most of my Pokemon being in the hundreds. I haven't had as notable a time with it as I have with several others, but it was fun to think back on how long it took me to actually get it the first time around. Mostly I've never actually used non-legendary Dragon types that much, as they're significantly harder to get your hand on than most other types, and there's an extremely small amount of actual Pokemon with the typing compared to most others. But I still love to use them whenever I can ^_^
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