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Quote originally posted by GolurkIsDaBomb:
To be honest, I find dragon types to be really boring, so I would have preferred different types of pokemon as the cover pokemon. I don't think it was a bad idea to have dragons on the cover, since many people love dragons, I'm just not a huge fan. And if they were to be pther types, Zekrom would either be dark/electric or fighting/electric, whereas reshiram would be either psychic/fire or flying/fire. I personally would want the first option of each, but then zekrom would have a type advantage which can't happen since they should be equal (yin = to yang) so it'd make sense for reshiram to be flying/fire and zekrom to be fighting/electric. That way they'd each be strong against each other, so they'd be equal. (even though I like the first typings more)
! Thinking about it, I'd rather have had that. Dark/Electric would've been pretty awesome but Reshiram could'dve also been something else rather than those two, there could've actually been the Light type for that purpose, really... actually, that does give me an idea of a thread that could be made. But yeah Flying/Fighting works too, but just a little less. Dragons seems so much more boring in comparison lmao.
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