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Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
Do you think Lucario should be a Dark-type ? Why or Why not?

Yess!! Not only will making lucario dark type make more sense(and make him that much cooler :D) but his overall competitive metagame will also increase(i think). Its sort of a mixed bag really. Dark/Fighting would grant him less weaknesses and a better secondary type offensively. While also cutting his resistances and immunity to toxic.

But looking back again, Lucario would do better in battle with his steel typing due to the handy resistances steel provides. Thats the main reason people would want Lucario to remain Steel/Fighting.
On the flip side Lucario gets near un-resisted coverage in Fighting/Dark(unresisted with a move like ice punch or extreeme speed) and would give him more move set options.

Idk, irl I would like Lucario to be Dark type just cuz hes cooler that way.
Yeah agree as a Dark/Steel he would benefit more than a Steel/Fighting.

Also just bumping this up again. >.>
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