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@SlenderMan.. I agree they should find a way to limit your usage. Maybe they give you a card for the business and everytime you buy they scan it and it's added up til you reach your max in a month. They should only sell it at 1 place as well but have them all over the place. Reason, is people would just get cards from everywhere they see to have unlimited marijuana. I think they should limit it to 3 ounces in a month. If your tolerence is too high, oh well wait til next month.

Another thing they could do when they legalize it, is if people grow it then they're gettin locked up because growers don't grow to smoke, they grow to sell, even tho it's legalized. It's illegal to make your own alcohol and sell it without going through a lot of stuff so marijuana should be the same way. I also agree with Slenderman with making the legal age 21 to get smoke, but it would get the same results that tobacco and alcohol gets. All that's gonna happen is underaged will give the money to an older person so ya.

What I personally think they should do is if you sell dope to a minor or a kid, cos I know the process of finding the big fish in drug dealing. Is once the kids give out the dealers location they arrest him and give him the death penalty. Sounds a little over board but I'm sure people would learn quick. It would also lower the dealing business, and allow people to legalize it.
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