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Well, while I'm already here, I'll post some pics of various things I've collected haha.

Here's the first page of my TCG book. I'm not gonna post every page though, but these are most of my favorite cards, hence why they're in the front:

My Petilil figurine:

Oshawott and crocheted Petilil:

Victini, Oshawott, and Pikachu:

Plushies prior to getting Oshawott and Victini:

That's all the pics I could find. I also have figurines of Umbreon, Blaziken, Tailow, Vulpix, and a keychain of Eevee. I have all main games, excluding Green, though most games prior to gen IV don't have a box or manual. I still have the box and book for Emerald and FireRed though. I also have larger plushies of Blaziken, Grovyle, Charizard, Croagunk, and Pikachu. I have a few tin boxes with legendaries all over them and I also have a Keldo poster. I think that about covers my collection. I have guidebooks for RS, FRLG, DP, and PMD RB also, if that matters.
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