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-Beat Blue
-Beat Giovanni
-Beat Sabrina
-KOed Articuno
-KOed Zapdos
-Beat Blaine
-Beat Giovanni
-Took on Elite Four:

-Manhandla vs. Dewgong: Razor Leaf (critical hit), OHKO Dewgong fainted!
-Manhandla vs. Cloyster: Razor Leaf (critical hit), OHKO Cloyster fainted!
-Manhandla vs. Slowbro: Solarbeam (1), Amnesia, Solarbeam (2), OHKO Slowbro fainted!
-Mothula vs. Jynx: Slash (critical hit), OHKo Jynx fainted!
-Manhandla vs. Jynx: Razor Leaf (critical hit), OHKO Lapras fainted!
-Manhandla vs. Onix: Razor Leaf (critical hit), OHKO Onix fainted!
-Mothula vs. Hitmonchan: Slash (critical hit), OHKo Hitmonchan fainted!
-Mothula vs. Hitmonlee: Slash (critical hit), OHKo Hitmonlee fainted!
-Manhandla vs. Onix: Razor Leaf (critical hit), OHKO Onix fainted!
-Mothula vs. Machamp: Slash (critical hit), X Defend > Machamp, Swift, Machamp fainted.
-Manhandla vs. Gengar: Solarbeam (1), Dream Eater (fail), Solarbeam (2), Night Shade, Razor Leaf (critical hit), withdrew Gengar
-Manhandla vs. Golbat: Body Slam, Haze, Body Slam (critical hit), Golbat fainted.
-Manhandla vs. Gengar: Razor Leaf, Gengar fainted. Manhandla Leveled Up!
-Manhandla vs. Haunter: Solarbeam (1), Dream Eater (fail), Solarbeam (2), Dream Eater (fail), Razor Leaf (critical hit), Haunter fainted.
-Mothula vs. Arbok: Slash (critical hit), Acid, Swift, Arbok fainted.
-Manhandla vs. Gengar: Solarbeam (1), Toxic (fail), Solarbeam (2), Night Shade, Solarbeam (1), Confuse Ray, Solarbeam (2) (critical hit), Gengar fainted.
-Manhandla vs. Gyarados: Razor Leaf, Leer, Razor Leaf, Gyarados fainted.
-Mothula vs. Dragonair: Slash (critical hit), OHKO Dragonair fainted!
-Mothula vs. Dragonair: Slash (critical hit), OHKO Dragonair fainted!
-Manhandla vs. Aerodactyl: Razor Leaf (critical hit), OHKO Aerodactyl fainted!
-Mothula vs. Dragonite: Slash (critical hit), Hyper Beam, Slash (critical hit), Dragonite fainted. Mothula Leveled Up!
-Manhandla vs. Pidgeot: Body Slam, Mirror Move, Body Slam (critical hit), Pidgeot fainted.
-Mothula vs. Alakazam: Slash (critical hit) OHKO Alakazam fainted!
-Manhandla vs. Rhydon: Razor Leaf (critical hit), OHKO Rhydon fainted!
-Mothula vs. Exeggutor: Slash (critical hit), Stomp, Slash (critical hit), Exeggutor fainted.
-Manhandla vs. Gyarados: Solarbeam (1), Hyper Beam (miss), Solarbeam (2), Dragon Rage, Razor Leaf (critical hit), Gyarados fainted. Manhandla Leveled Up!
-Manhandla vs. Charizard: Body Slam, Fire Spin, Body Slam, Fire Spin, Body Slam, Charizard fainted.

Final Team:

Manhandla (Venusaur) Lv. 71
Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder, Solarbeam, Body Slam

Mothula (Scyther) Lv. 70
Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Slash, Swift

HM Slaves: Oddish (Cut), Pidgey (Fly), Psyduck (Surf, Strength)
Completed Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Dark, Ghost
One-in-Each Challenge:
Dragonite - Hitmonchan - Gardevoir - Blissey - Beartic

Current Challenges:
Green Ultimate Monocolor Challenge
Red - Gold - Sapphire - Platinum - White
Completed - Completed - Completed - Completed - 0/8 Badges

Medieval Era Ultimate Time Warp Challenge
LeafGreen - Crystal - Ruby - Pearl - Black
Completed - 8/16 Badges - 0/8 Badges - 0/8 Badges - 0/8 Badges

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