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Ever since arriving in Johto, Ben had been experiencing some rather odd occurrences. The pokemon in this region were incredibly hostile, even items such as max repels held no bind on their relentlessness. It was unlike anything he had ever before, surely this wasn’t just a matter of overstepping territorial bounds like most issues were with hostile pokemon. Although truth be told, Ben had only recently arrived in Johto anyways. So perhaps this wasn’t necessarily a region wide problem, merely trouble within the a specific area of the region. He took a glance over at his side, a small fox like pokemon was gracefully next to him. A Vulpix by the name of Sienna, his newest companion. She had been caught within this region but unlike the other pokemon he had encountered, she seemed rather uninterested by human approachment. Whatever was bothering these wild pokemon, Sienna had been unaffected by it.

At times such as this, Ben hoped he had an aerial pokemon on his person. Although usually he had no concerns with walking, the hostility he had been experiencing made it seem like even walking along dirt paved routes was a dangerous activity on it’s own. He had decided to return to Ecruteak City after receiving a phone call from an acquaintance. The fellow had informed Ben that a ceremonial event was to be held in the honor of a sacred and legendary pokemon, Suicune, within the city grounds. It was an event Ben did not want to miss, a chance to perhaps broaden his knowledge of Johto lore and even if not, surely the event would be amusing. The past few years he had become increasingly intrigued by all the different region’s culture and lore.

Having departed from Olivine City earlier this morning, he reached Ecruteak City in relative time. And surprisingly, without much hassle from the wild pokemon around. In fact, during his whole walk he hadn’t seen a single soul. Usually it wouldn’t really come to his attention, but after what he had experienced in the past weeks, this was definitely odd. But the thought didn’t linger for long, as he had finally arrived on city grounds.

“Now where and when is this little ceremony.” Sienna’s head perked up as she heard her trainer mumble to himself. The duo kept walking, eventually seeing a flier set flat on the concrete. Ben bent down to examine it, but Sienna had ran over to it first, covering up the words from view. He sighed, and picked up the small fox so he could actually read the paper.

Ecruteak City Dance Theatre; Hosting Suicune Ceremony Tonight.

“Well that was vague...” Regardless, Ben smiled, having found the information he had been searching for so quickly.
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