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Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
Although you don't have a clear idea of the bigger picture yet, are you still interested in finding more?

Yep! Mostly because I have no idea what Team Meteor's goal is. I suspect that the twist at the end is that they are secretly good guys... but don't tell me!

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
This is purely up to your luck, I'm afraid. Dream world abilities appear as randomly as their normal ones. They haven't been flat-out replaced.

I actually realized that when I told my boyfriend to give it a try, and he had to keep resetting to get a speed boost torchic... Also I realized that technician is not actually meowth's dream world ability. ;

As for sprites, I was mostly referring to Cain's trainer sprite, and ZEL's face-shot (which looks a little too manly). But also many are clearly recolors, but you mentioned that those will be replaced, so

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
You make a strong point here. I was actually not even aware that the main-series games shops change over time. Is that a somewhat new feature?

It's been around since at least Ruby/Sapphire version, for some reason all pokemarts update stock and let you buy better items if you have more badges (which is somewhat like the sticker system except doesn't require sidequests, and doesn't make you walk back to the same spot every time). In Ruby in particular, after the first gym super potions become available.

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
There is actually a hidden area with wild Pokemon approaching level 20 that you'll be able to find only after beating Fern. You should take a look around and see if you can find it to help. ;D
What?! A secret area that I missed? >.>;
Was it the place with the zigzagoon?

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
I'd actually be really interested in knowing your current in-game team. Both as a player to help suggest you ways to beat her, and as a developer to know what sort of team struggles with her.

So, when I first went to fight Florinia my team was Servine (contrary), Spinda, Meowth (technician), Arbok (Intimidate), Noctowl, and a level 3 Pachirisu (for pickup). I believe most of them were around level 25 or 26. I had a few big problems. Firstly, Servine was pretty much useless against all of them, since leech seed wouldn't work and Tackle is really weak. Noctowl was also incredibly lackluster... It had hypnosis, but even with Peck it didn't do very much damage. A big problem with my team was that I had absolutely nothing to counter steel or rock types. Usually what I'd do if anything gave me too much trouble was send in Spinda and have it use Uproar until the enemy goes down (or, worse-case-scenario, is very weakened). It's a hilariously terrible strategy, but my line of thinking was, "It's a pokemon game, and I'm gonna play it however the heck I want!" (plus, it actually worked). Essentially, Arbok, Meowth, and Noctowl would work together to get her first few pokemon down, then Ferroseed would come out and I'd send in Spinda. However, Spinda and my other pokemon would be pretty weakened by that point. Then Cradily would come out next, and would basically one-shot all of my pokemon with Smack Down, even with Reflect support from Noctowl and Glare from Arbok. If it didn't take it out in one-shot, it would do way more damage than a potion could heal, so there was pretty much nothing for me to do at that point but watch it sweep through my team.

I did end up beating Florinia, by dropping noctowl and getting Vulpix and Scraggy. I then grinded them up to where the rest of my team was, which was boring, but got the job done. I think I paralyzed Cradily, then had Scraggy use Sand Attack (another hilariously terrible strategy, but all I had that would work) until its accuracy was all the way down, then had Arbok and Meowth use screech until Brick Break could actually put a dent in it. I also bought six Sitrus berries and equipped each of them with one, (which ended up costing most of my money), Servine's was the only one left at the end because I pretty much didn't use it.

If the move tutor was available, I totally would've put Ice Fang and Fire Fang on Arbok and tried to muscle through it that way, but who knows if it actually would've worked.

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
I see your point about the economic factor. However, i feel that money in Pokemon games just comes way too easily, and even making it absurdly expensive, teams could very quickly get overpowered. The sticker system is meant also to encourage side-quest exploration through out the game. Jacking the price of everything up would make for a rather frustrating late-game, actually, when people are farming specific items to complete their pokedex, etc.
I want to make an excuse here like, Silph values loyalty to their customers over their own profit, but at the same time I know no international corporation would actually be like that. I feel like the gameplay motivation provided by this system is worth that sacrifice though.
As for super potions, I had what I felt was a very good reason for disincluding them at that time. I currently cannot think what that might possibly have been (naturally >.>). Consequently, they may be added in somewhere.
Hmm, I see your point. It is good motivation for sidequests, but it's somewhat annoying to have to walk all the way back to the department store when you get a new sticker. I also noticed that I could get to the second floor from the beginning, but when I got the first sticker no new floors were unlocked. Is that supposed to happen?

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
Actually, it's exactly for balance that they're so expensive. As you seem to know, Sitrus Berries are constantly useful throughout the game, and I don't want players to have easy, spammable access to them. At least, not until they have the higher-income of the late game. I want their purchase to selective in the long run.
*checks price*
...Actually, those are kinda cheaper than I would expect for the late-game.

Sitrus berries are... somewhat useful, but really only once per pokemon per battle. Honestly, ingame players are probably more likely to spam super potions, drinks, or hyper potions, depending on what part of the game they're at. I'm just saying that they're pretty expensive for being what is, at the time, a slightly better alternative to potions.

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
This is something the main series games have always done, and with some guilt that I replicated. Aside from the options issue though, I'm unclear as to why the Electrode is acceptable and Cradily is not. The Electrode, level 16, is 14 levels away from its natural evolution. Cradily is 13 levels away.

I think the main issue was that Electrode wasn't as difficult as Cradily. Looking purely at base stats, all Electrode really has going for it is crazy, crazy speed. Its other stats are pretty lackluster, possibly a little better than the pokemon you'd have access to at the time. Cradily on the other hand, while slow, has pretty great bulk and offense. I also thought it was a bit silly to find multiple pokemon that were evolved too early (by several levels) when there is usually only one such pokemon in the game... but I suppose if you rebalance this area it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
As for finding Scraggy- Well, you weren't supposed to look there. That's exactly the point. :D It is a little disappointing to the people who were hoping to catch one immediately, but for the people who go back to the slums later looking for one... Anyway, I'm deliberately making OU Pokemon harder to get/find.

I mostly expected it because up to that point, every pokemon you find and chase on the overworld you get to battle and catch when you find it. Especially since that encounter has such a large build-up to it. But this brings up the question, what's the point of putting something in the game if your players aren't "supposed" to find it?
(Also, Scrafty is UU according to Smogon)

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
As for the TMs, that is already planned. You might notice the blank spot in the counter- That's where it'll go. It only doesn't exist right now because I need to be sure of exactly which TMs I want to be given out there first, vs in context to the rest of the game's sidequests, etc.
How about Rapid Spin, for those unfortunate enough to decide not to train a poison type (or if more gym leaders use hazards later...)?
It might also be nice to get heart scales through the Game Corner, so that there are as many as you need, but you have to work for them... unless you have some other plan for them?

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
Fire types as a whole are a bit OP in the early game here- that's one thing I'll be fixing with my balance tweaks. As far as I have seen so far, though, even SB Blaziken has not been shown to be any more OP than the other Fire/Fightings.

While fire types are *really* useful up through the first three gyms, they're pretty nerfed considering it rains so often ingame. As for how broken speed boost torchic is, my boyfriend has one and also says that it doesn't seem too broken yet. I guess I'll let you know if that changes.

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
Well said. I'll change the intro- not sure quite yet what to say. I'm the owner of the Reborn website/server and I manage the community and league, but I couldn't find a good title for that. That was just me being silly though Q~Q I suppose it's tone-inappropriate.

How about League Manager? Since it seems like the league helps the government out, the person who manages the league would also be well in-touch with whatever Reborn's government is. Unless the whole region is run by the League, in which case the League Manager would pretty much be the acting leader.

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
As for rank, it's gym leader rank. i.e there's 1-17. I can make that more clear somewhere though.
So it's just how strong of a gym leader they are? Ok...

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
Contrary is actually not in the scripts yet, correct. The engine developer is still working on adding all of the 4th/5th gen moves/items/abilities, so it should hopefully be functional soon.

Darn. So I'd assume Moxie isn't working yet either?

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
Afterthought- "I definitely like it a lot more than I thought I would?" Was there something that made you think you would dislike it?

It's just most pokemon fangames are not very good (or at least, I'm biased to think that after playing Raptor). The name seemed like someone just took a cool word to use as a name, (of course I didn't know about the actual Reborn League at the time), the opening cutscene with Amethyst and Julia made me very skeptical, the walk to the Grand Hall was very long (and for some reason even though my computer is brand new and has tons of RAM, the rain made the whole thing lag until I had quite a few hours of playtime), just little things. Once I found out that pokemon could get their dream world abilities I was a bit more excited, and then after that the longer I played it the more I liked it.

So, now that I've gotten a bit farther, I have a few more things to add...
-My boyfriend thinks there should be evolution music.
-A friend of mine really likes Zangoose, will Zangoose be obtainable ingame?
-The same friend also got stuck in some stairs about a half hour into the game. Even when he restarts he's still stuck in the stairs.
-You use a very dark color pallette, which is fine... but when it gets darker (I'm not sure if it's from nighttime or from thunderstorms) I can't see ANYTHING. I made my way through half of the Malchous forest half-blind, until I saved, quit, came back later and the weather happened to be sunny. I didn't even know there were parts of the forest that weren't tall-grass, and when I was helping the boy get home, I walked past twice and didn't see the pokemon gang... I only found him because I decided to go down that alleyway for the heck of it.
-Speaking of that sidequest, there is no drifloon to fight.
-It would be cool if I could (also) join the Magma Gang instead of the Aqua Gang (mostly so it's easier for my Servine, but also Magma is just better).
-I have version four (but I will update soon) and I'm stuck. Victoria said she was going to the stairs, but I can't find her... so I did the Aqua Gang sidequest, went back and she still isn't there. The only way under the stairs that I can see is the Magma Gang hideout, and they wouldn't let me in before or after joining the Aqua Gang... is there something I'm missing, or is this part of the game broken?
-Is there a way for evolutions involving trading (eg. Kadabra, Porygon) to happen? Neither is that useful without trading. (also, speaking of trading, will it be possible to trade with other players?)
-How do I update without getting rid of my save? Do I have to find the save file and put it somewhere else, or can I just extract the update in the same folder?
-I just started up the game again, and for some reason whenever I'm in any sort of menu, the game thinks I'm pressing the up key, but when I'm walking around it doesn't.... how do I fix this? x.x;

That's all I've got for now, I'm glad I could help~ :3

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