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Originally Posted by Fuyuki~ View Post
But I don't care about it. That's why I've been saying that I've learned to accept it and that I probably won't even be sad that I'm going to die alone. I want a partner but it isn't one of my priorities at the moment and I really don't care one way or the other. I'm perfectly content just sitting in the corner not interacting with anyone unless they interact with me. That's just the way I am.

As for your tips, perhaps you don't realize just how socially awkward I am. I'm deathly afraid of social interaction on the simplest level. I would sooner jump off a cliff than do it of my own free will (interact with people I don't know)
Well just depends on if you're genuinely happy like that.. or if you want that to change/ are going through a hormonal change that is making you feel down and feel that way about your situation. There is always an option of therapy, and through school it is generally a free service, too.. so it's better now to take advantage of it now if you want to.

Just saying, that in this situation, you can be your own worst enemy.. but heck if you're content then that's perfectly fine too. There's no one formula to personal happiness :3
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