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...your avatar. ;_; It's really cute, in fact, the art style almost seems familiar... but welcome to the forum, Syncai~! It's wonderful to meet you. :D No worries about being shy or anything here really, there are lots of amazing regulars here who would love to greet you!

But if you like B/W2 most we should be buddies, because that's one of my favorite games as well. <3 It was such a huge jump from B/W, which I honestly didn't think was possible at first! Can't say I've ever played PMD much though, but I do hear it's pretty good. Have you heard about the new one that should be out in Japan sometime soon? That one looks really beautiful.

If you're an artist, I definitely recommend posting your art for us to see in the art section, would be great! The more the merrier, it's always great to see it get more activity. But PC has a lot of sections outside art that I'm sure'll catch your interest. Don't be worried about getting involved in the forum, the people here are really nice. Just make sure to read the rules to get an idea of how everything works, and haave fun.

See you around! <3

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