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Quote originally posted by Syncai:
Aaah, hi PC.
;v;, I really procrastinated on posting a hello as I'm very anti-social haha. But! Here it is x).

I'm a life-long fan of pokemon, I started picking up pokemon cards and toys (which are long lost) in 2000-ish. I only got onto the gaming scene in 2006 with Emerald but my first 'serious' gameplay was Diamond in 2007 which just made my love of pokemon explode. I'm not into competetive battling though.
My favourite game is by far Black 2 though pmd eod is a close second! C:
My favourite type are the Dragons! Electric and fire are cool too.

I will probably linger around the art threads but I'm not sure. ;v;
Hi Syncai, and welcome.

I heard you're a budding artist, so why not check out Art & Design? It's got loads of galleries and shops you can check out. I haven't played Black 2 and White 2 yet, but I still lurk a lot of forums here.

I've never played the Mystery Dungeon games, but it looks fun. Did you hear about the new one released for the 3DS in Japan last month? But yeah, we have members who can guide you around if you ever need help.

I'm always open for a VM, and see ya!

- Hikari10
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