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Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
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What Ice Type Do You Like the Least?

Only one name Delibird.
Because it is Delibird.
No...Really...Delibird is one of the worst Pokémon that I have ever seen!
It is so useful that it helps better opponent than his own trainer, is that not crazy? :3
Anyway it is nice to fill your party with Delibird when it is Christmas xD
Delibird is well designed in my opinion, and funny, but so usless...What a pity!

Oh, there is only one thing that Delibird is useful in Christmas, or even, the other days...Here is you answer:

Umm.... Maybe the value of a pokemon isnt measured in its effectiveness in battle but a trainer's general fondness of it as a pokemon? Thinking about it, I would say like deliberd not because how often it could win me matches, but how Deliberd is portrayed as a happy-go-lucky pokemon that likes to share nice gifts with others. Ya dont like how deliberd performs in battles? Then why dont ya go take your lucky pokemon to PokeStar studios, pokemon contest, pokemon musical or something. That way you can both have fun .

Originally Posted by Avishka
Which Ice-type pokemon do you like the least?
My least favorite Ice-Type is Cryognal. It's hideous and it is kinda weird.
Another one I'm not so fond of is Glalie, it just looks... quite frightening, actually And it has a constant angry face, like what are you so mad about you're a floating ice ball xD It's just creepy.
I always thought cryogonal and glalie to be like cousins or something. But yea I do agree that their appearences are somewhat uninviting. Especially if you ran into an angry Glalie in an Ice Cave PX. Cryogonal cuz...i dunno cyborg like pokemon that also lack the visible facial features kinda weird me out too. But I always thought Ash's Glalie to be kinda cute .

@Avishka Sorry to bother but my Beartic's sprite isnt showing up in the member's pannel