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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Sorry for not noticing this before!

In-game I use a physical Emboar and altho it dies easily, it's strong as (Flare Blitz > Flamethrower), and idr what else I had but that itself was v strong.

Carracosta is better off physically attacking, so Waterfall is a better option. While Curse/SS can work, it would take a lot of setting up and honestly you're better off just setting up SS because balancing the two would suck and you'd still have -sdef in the end anyway. Sooo Aqua Jet is better over that to make up for Speed.

The rest looks fine altho I'd add Volt Switch over Reflect on Galvantula, but otherwise works!!
Thanks for the feedback. I think I would prefer having Emboar as a Tank rather than purely attack just to try something new, but I agree with you for Carracosta. Also I planned on having Reflect on Galvantula so it could set that up for Reuniclus or Emboar. I'll think about Volt Switch.