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Well, before entering the world of roleplay, I was curious about the RP corner here on PC, and I always checked it out. This year ago (or year and a half? Rika was mod here when I started lurking lol). I was confused to the fact on *how* these members do "roleplay" like, do they create a story between each other or what? Those questions were answered eventually.

I joined the roleplay corner because...when I was a mod a few months ago, my section was always tame and quiet, so I wanted to try out new things on PC. Roleplaying became one of them, so after lurking for one year, I joined PTA. And y'all know the story from there. lol

Overall, I blame PC for getting me into roleplay, and today, it has become my primary internet hobby. I'm going to start roleplaying at another forum once I am done with finals after Thursday, and I'm going to release my first non-Pokemon roleplay sometime this month. :)
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