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Up-date 1) Blue Version

Picked squirtle as starter;
Nicknamed it Sue;
Defeated rival Gary;
Delivered Oak's parcel;
Defeated gym leader Brock and earned the Bouderbadge;
Sue envolved into wartortle;
Caught a spearow for future HM02 Fly slave;
Just remembered that there's wild nidorans at route 22 so came back and caught one;
Nicknamed it Nida;
Picked a Moon Stone and a Helix Fossil (I'm not going to revive it though);
Defeated gym leader Misty and earned the Cascadebadge;
Defeated rival Gary;
Nida envolved into Nidorina;
Gave Moon Stone to Nida so that she can envolve into Nidoqueen;
Helped Bill and received S.S.Anne's ticket;
Teached Dig to Sue;
Defeated rival Gary at S.S.Anne;
Rubbed Captain's back and earned HM01 Cut;
Caught a bellsprout so that I can teach it Cut;
Defeat gym leader St. Lurge and earned the Thunderbadge;
Teached Thunderbolt to Nida;
Caught more random pokemons so that professor Oak's aide could give me HM05 Flash;
Returned to Cerulean city and talked to the Bike Shop owner, who traded a Bike for my Bike Voucher;
Caught a Voltorb in order to make someone learn Flash;
Picked eevee at Celadon Mansion and nicknamed it Vappy;
Shopping time at Celadon Mart!
Envolved eevee into vaporeon whilst exposing it to a water stone.

• Team review

Sue is at level 32 and knows
Dig / Withdraw / Submission / Water Gun

Nida is at level 33 and knows
Thunderbolt / Body Slam / Submission / Rock Slide

Vappy is at level 25 and knows
Tackle / Sand-Attack / Bubblebeam

• Screenies

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