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Yay December Quest! My December is going to be very full of shiny hunting, though I'm unsure if I'll get more than 1, maybe 2, because I'm also working on the National Dex!

Anyways, for the Pokécommunity December shiny quest I'm hoping to get Azurill because it's green and evolves into one of my favourite shinies, yellow Azumarill! I'm also hoping to get Snover as a holiday themed shiny, which would also count towards the community hunt on Serebii which is to find an ice type shiny. I'm thinking of alternating my hunts for Azurill (RE/MM) and Snover (MM). And finally, if I somehow manage to get both of those in December, I might SR for Lapras on SS or HG, but failing that I'll probably MM for Spheal, Cubchoo or Litwik :3
Looked for a red shiny I could get for the December quest, but unless I'm blind I couldn't see very many shinies that were red, and the only ones that appealed to me were Duskull, Skorupi and Scolipede, but I'm not too motivated to get either of those for now so I'll just stick to my green and holiday themed shinies!

I'm also MMing for Charmander too, but that'll be put on hiatus probably for December, though I'll probably hatch Charmanders till I get the round charm though just for fun! Only got Landorus left until the round charm is mine, too many orbs to collect on Dream Radar!

EDIT: Going to go for Marill instead in the double grass of Village Bridge, since the double grass would hopefully make the hunt that little bit quicker! I'll still go for Azurill if/when I MM it though!
And hey, it's still green!
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