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Originally Posted by OrangeNess View Post
What drew me to roleplaying was very odd, actually. Before joining PC, I liked looking at the ROM hacks here, because they all just WOWed me. But one day, I accidentally wandered over here, and clicked on one of the threads. I absolutely LOVED the story and it gace me one more reason to join PC. (By wandered I mean I clicked her on accident :))
That's actually what drew me to PC in the first place, lol. I wanted to learn how to do ROM Hacking thingies . . .
. . . it didn't work out very well. xD (Anything beyond mapping is beyond me, especially scripting. That's what my boyfriend is for, lol)

BTW, I think somebody should make a zombie roleplay based around Dead Island (if y'all still adore zombies, that is)
//just saying