Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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yay, Lilac is back! I can't wait to continue
Hacks that I like:

I also like Pokemon Glazed, Pokemon FireRed Throwback Edition, Pokemon Twisted Mind, Pokemon: The Fae Stones, Pokemon Expert Emerald, Pokemon Sigma Emerald, Pokemon Crystaldust, Pokemon Steam (Shining Waters/Hazing Flames. Side note: they are in need of scripters) and many more I forgot to mention.

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This isn't said that much (probably, I don't know), but I would like to give every ROM Hacker my sincerest thanks, as they all work so hard to build the games that we play. Since they work so hard, I think that we players should respect what they do by giving them support as well as being patient while they work. If you want to see a taste of what they do, I suggest you head over to the R&D section of ROM Hacking. Again, I would like to give every ROM hacker my thanks, and I hope that everything goes well, from flags to tables to offsets to patches.