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To test my writing ability, and to compliment my love for Pokemon, I thought I'd do a challenge. Unlike most challenges where status updates consist of a picture every gym or 2 and your current party, this LP will be written in a, "Journal," form, where I will RP as my character. I will do RP, "Days," to go with this, and a not-accurate date(As in actual storyline accurate). These will be updated with a few entries per rl day(Or however often I update), and those entries will span a few RP days. They will also include various pictures, just no video.

Now that I've rambled about semi-relevant stuff, ON TO THE CHALLENGE! I'll be writing in compliance to the Mono-Color Challenge and my color is Purple. I find purple to be fitting seeing as the name I usually go by is Toxic or Toxicshadow, so purple being many poison types seemed fitting. I'll try to avoid HM slaves as much as possible, and if I have to use one, I'll do it in character like, "Today I met a girl named Asdajfoiajsdgiof who happily lent me her Pidgeot so I could fly away to Route 182..." (Yes that was a terrible example but it gets the point across. This is my signup sheet for the challenge, and from here on I'll post in-character. If needed otherwise, the section will look like: [OOC: blahblahblahlolblahblahblah].

Username: -
Color: Purple
Game: Gold
Ultimate: Not yet

June 17, 228:
Though I'm almost skeptical knowing my future is a tree founded by these very twigs of my actions. I feel confident enough to endure and embrace any challenge given; I will use these to enhance my abilities and to one day become a Champion Trainer is my dream. I've spent my last 16 years of existence studying Pokemon; from their nature and personality, to battle techniques, to everything else. Though my real knowledge I have yet to find. And so I can one day look back and go, "Ah yes... I remember the day I first met her..." I've started my Journal. It may not be perfect, but maybe someday someone will acknowledge my accomplishments.

My mother feels the same way I do about my dream, in that I should pursue said dream, and let no one stop me. Today she bought me my very own PokeGear. I've heard they can do very cool things, like tell you your exact location anywhere you go; or allow you to contact anyone who also has a PokeGear no matter where you are; or even give you facts regarding your surroundings any time. After she gave me this PokeGear I was informed it would be best to visit our next-door neighbor Professor Elm. Coincidentally he once was an aspiring Pokemon fan too; however his dreams were to study and research all the Pokemon, and unfortunately he was irresponsible and enjoyed parties with bad substances and so his goal was always put off until now. And now he's out of luck because I ain't helping him; I've got my own dreams to follow. He's asked me to take his Pokedex with me on my travels, and to help me get started he's lent me his Cyndaquil until I catch my own Pokemon. To give me a bit of experience before I go out and really do the things I want to do, he's asked me to do one more thing. One last favor before I leave. He wants me to go talk to some fruit named Mr. Pokemon and retrieve some Egg or something.

Before I set out on my expedition to Mr. Pokemon's house, I thought I'd have dinner with my mother and talk to her once more about my situation. She cooked a wonderful meal, one of the best I've ever had; during said meal, we discussed many topics, most of which I found moderately obvious. She wanted to know things like, "Would you like me to save money for you while your gone?" Or, "Will you come back often?" Of course I will! And yes, save all the money! I honestly think she wanted to burn time, but parents can ask some pretty obvious questions. If only my dad- whoever he is- knew of my journey. But who am I to speak of him, despite him being my father I don't know who he is. Enough of that stuff, I better get some good rest because in the morning I have a real task ahead- Obtaining and delivering a package or egg or whatever he said. [OOC: Can't you TASTE the sarcasm?]

Impatiently waiting for dinner

Who needs sleep when you have a PC?

June 18, 228:
Before the day really began I enjoyed a meal of scrambled eggs, delicious pancakes and juicy brown sausage. Referring to last night, we re-agreed on some decisions, and then pondered on childhood memories. Running in lush fields, playing with Professor Elm's friendly Pokemon, shopping in Goldenrod's huge store and playing with miniature Pokemon action figures are all memories that I vividly remember. Seeing as I'll be gone for a while, I assumed it would be courteous to help clean up the house. Mother cooked the breakfast, so I did the dishes for her, and so she could possibly use it as a guestroom I cleaned my room up as well. Once I was done with simple house chores I had to finish packing my backpack. I stood there for a second, blankly staring at my backpack contemplating what I should bring with me and what I should leave. In the end I decided to be a bit minimalistic on what I would bring so I could be efficient at travelling and not lug a 40-pound backpack around. Being simplistic and light on what I could take along, I packed extra clothes for the adventure, utensils to eat with, trail rations for food and a basic survival kit containing a compass, matches, a utility knife and a map of the region.

I've set out on my journey and ventured into the tall grasses that lies ahead. I've borrowed Professor Elm's Cyndaquil to protect me on my way, so wild Pokemon shouldn't be an issue. The wind is calm and the sun is monotonous; conditions for minor errand running are perfect! Strolling through the grass, most of the wild Pokemon are friendly and in some cases, cute-looking. I can't help but, "D'awwwww," at the wild Caterpies running/crawling/whatever Caterpies do. Occasionally I see a Pidgey fly by, or a Rattata skit past, and observing them is pretty fun; makes me wonder how Elm felt about his dream... But I have my own dream to complete, and minor errands to run!

Just outside of home

After stepping into the taller, less tamed grasses, wild Pokemon seem to be a bit less friendly and a few minutes after advancing the fields, I heard a strange sound- in fact a bit angry of a sound. When suddenly an angry Sentret appeared! Stricken by its all-of-a-sudden appearance I quickly reached for the pokeball Cyndaquil was resting in and sent him out for battle. This was my first battle with a wild Pokemon! The adrenaline was great at first- seeing the glowing blaze of Cyndaquil's back illuminating the dark grasses and shining on the Sentret. Cyndaquil was well trained as he followed my instructions perfectly despite me not being his original trainer. Every tackle I asked for was executed perfectly, and soon after the battle started, the wild Sentret fainted.

A Wild Sentret Has Appeared!

Nope, no moar Sentret

Now don't get me wrong, battling is not all I see Pokemon for; I find them to be the best companions anyone could ever bring with them. They're loyal and friendly- most of the time. I feel that battling is more of an outcome of a relationship between a trainer and a Pokemon. In exchange for the companionship between the two, the Pokemon assist the trainer through battles. And to show Elm's Cyndaquil I'm not a cold-hearted person, I let Cyndaquil stay out of his pokeball for the remainder of the journey- atleast until we arrived in Violet City.

Soon after the Sentret encounter, we reached Violet City; it was beautiful. Though a smaller town, the violet rooftops looked much better than the plain rooftops at my hometown. I asked Cyndaquil to return to his pokeball when we arrived, seeing as some people don't think Pokemon can properly behave themselves when in towns. I think these people are simply ignorant, but best to not cause any disputes. I talked with a few residents while there, mostly just idle chit-chat. Eventually I realized I had spent way too much time talking in Violet City and went on my way to Mr. Fruitcake's house to get the package.

Le Violet City;

The journey was now almost over, and so was the time. Cyndaquil followed by my side, I feel like I might be developing an affection to him. This feeling was quickly interrupted when a bitter Pidgey swooped down from above, letting out an ear-shattering war-cry screech. As Pidgey flew in, Cyndaquil was already ready; he lowered his head and raised his back as if trying to extend the fire on his back and appear more intimidating. Cyndaquil leaped in the air towards the incoming Pidgey, and as the two collided Cyndaquil was clearly the victor and Pidgey sailed backwards, propelled by Cyndaquil. After said dramatic collision scene, the two landed and Pidgey flew off with an annoyed look on it's face. Cyndaquil seemed proud of himself, and he had every right to be. I simply stared at the two while it happened, Cyndaquil was the one who handled the situation perfectly. Must be in their instincts.

Shortly after that we arrived at what was according to a conveniently placed sign, Mr. Pokemon's house. Without haste a figure who appeared to be Mr. Pokemon opened the door before I could even knock. "Come in come in. Please take a seat over there and let me get the package." I felt as if he already knew me. "Seeing as you're here, I assume the journey was safe; you seem to be in fine condition. Here, this is the mysterious egg we had discovered and would like you to deliver back to Elm." Shortly after he said that another figure walked up and announced to me, "Aha! So you're Dash! I'm Oak, a Pokemon researcher. I was just visiting my old friend Mr. Pokemon, and I heard you were running an errand for Professor Elm, so I waited here. Oh, what's this? A rare Pokemon! Let's see..." He examined the Cyndaquil in-depth. Mr. Pokemon and Professor Oak discussed rare Pokemon for a few minutes until I, "Accidentally," coughed to get their attention. Mr. Pokemon asked if I'd like to rest here for the night and I politefully accepted. I was dead tired and it was too late to make it back to Violet City.

Found Him.

I got da goods

Sig broke. qwq
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