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Name: Oliver Riverwood
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Oliver is a determined and headstrong young man. While most perceive him to be ‘2 dimensional’ – having not many sides other than being bossy and opinionated, he is in fact a much deeper individual. For the most part Oliver displays his more brave and courageous attitude toward life. He is a natural born leader and will on many occasions adopt the role of leadership in a team production or project, even if not elected. Being a careful thinker is also a major aspect of Oliver’s personality, and he’ll more often than not think things through and construct an intricate plan before he addressed problems he must solve. Although not particularly proficient at solving puzzles, Oliver upholds a decent ability to think logically. However this is seen to be his weakest point, while he excels at all things involving physical activity and action. As a direct result of his bossy attitude at times, others may distance themselves from him and cease to put faith in his ability to help them or lead them (if in a team or group.)


· Camping.
· Pokemon (naturally).
· The great outdoors and nature.
· Adventures.
· Mysteries.
· Assisting those in need.
· Planning.
· Heat and Humidity
· Hearty, warm, meals.
· Animals.
· Danger.
· Attention.
· Being a leader.


· Claustrophobic spaces.
· Being stuck inside 24/7.
· The cold.
· Reading.
· Writing.
· Puzzles.


Oliver is a reasonably tall teen, who wears a thick, dark navy, long-sleeved skivvy, covered by a khaki shirt that’s rolled up his arms. His wrist adorns a green, stylish watch. He wears a tight double-belt that holds up his dark brown pants. Thick, brown and raged hair spreads itself over his well-rounded head; his deep brown eyes, petite nose and marble white smile all complementing each other. Oliver is of a lean build and much prefers to be a bit more beefy. Although muscular and strong he lacks the size to show it off.

Oliver grew up in your average neighbourhood. He was never really popular in school, and wasn't the top student, but he did score decent grades. (Bs and B+s). He lives with both his parents, but both are seen fighting constantly about petty things such as money. He has two siblings, both of which are boys; younger brother Matt, and older brother Steve, who moved out of home with his fiance'. In a nutshell, Oliver lead a relatively banal life, but despite this, Oliver always found trouble, adventure and drama to brighten his day. As a child he would often be spotted by his parents mucking around with a few of his mates down at the local river. Infested with snakes, Oliver and his pals would often hunt them down, pretending to be tribes people. They made campfires, cooked noodles that he snagged from the back of his kitchen cupboard. As Oliver grew older and he moved to highschool, many of his friends left. Bullied at highschool for several years, Oliver resorted to Pokemon as a means of escape. In the games he was able to be someone everyone appreciated. He was able to do things he loved doing in real life, but without judgement. As time further elapsed and he began to mature, he reached his late teens. Here his interest in girls and partying bloomed. Adventurous as always, he snuck out of home many times to parties where he would drink his worries away. He'd often stumble back home drunk, and be found by his parents in the morning, passed out, hanging halfway through his bedroom window. Oliver decided to follow a different route of fun when he began to feel sick and tired of his nightly 'get drunk, lots 'o fun, pass out' routine, and so decided to accept a peculiar email he received one afternoon..

Starter Pokemon:

RP Sample: The E-mail
"How dare you!"
"It's not my fault I have to fill this load of junk with a shi*t ton of fuel!"
"Don't scream at me like that David!"

Oliver could hear the front door slam.

"Heh", Oliver grunted, leaning awkwardly on his office chair. "Fighting again, as per usual." He spun around in an attempt to ease his boredom. His messy, thick hair swooshing after every spin.

Dun dun ding!

Oliver halted almost instantly. His eyes dancing around the room trying to regain their focus. They finally adjusted themselves onto his computer screen, covered in finger prints and a rather awfully large patch of soft drink resedue. He had received an email. He hardly ever got emails...all the emails he did receive were spam. Intrigued by such a strange phenomenon, he quickly slid his chair over to his keyboard and mouse, where he frantically clicked and clattered to discover the contents of this peculiar email.

It read:
Originally Posted by E-Mail
FR: [email protected]
TO: <insert e-mail here>
Subject: Closed Beta Testing

You have been chosen as one of the few selected people given the chance to test out new game. If you choose to accept this invitation, all you have to do is click the link below. If you choose not to, then under no circumstances should you open the said URL. Once you accept, you cannot change your mind. Thank you.

What an weird email. Oliver thought. "An opportunity for me? Surely not? Why me? I'm not that special?" he whispered to himself, confused. "..But I do like an adventure..anything to get me out of this place!"

He clicked the link. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, his body dropped, his vision blurred and began to fade.

Oliver eventually returned to consciousness. With his head throbbing and his muscles aching, he slowsly lifted himself off what seemed to be...nothing. He glanced around swiftly, it was pitch black, as dark as night. Oliver fumbled, tripping over his own two feet as he tried to find out where he was. There were no signs of light. There were no signs of anything really. Just emptiness. Out of the endless void that he seemed to have landed himself in, echoed a warm, manly voice: "Hi! Sorry to keep you waiting." "Who the hell could that be?" Oliver exclaimed, still glancing around crazily.
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