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Quote originally posted by TuGaWaR 545:
I think I might have another bug. So I just beat Clay, him having lvl 40-45s, and I go to the PWT as instructed, I enter, and all the other pokemon in it are level 25. This bothered me because one shotting everything with Rhydon is not fun.
That's not a bug, that's original in-game feature. The first PWT is made that way so you can win easily.
Your Pokémon are on the same level but others have 25lv Pokémon.

Quote originally posted by Dingodile:
I'm some type of fking idiot or something I have been sitting at my computer for almost two hours trying to figure out how to patch this. Yeah call me dumb I don't care I really wan't to play this game so if someone is nice enough to patch this and upload a playable rom and give me the link I'll really appreciate it..
Distributing ROMs is against the rules that's why you won't find someone who will do it for you.
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