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Rival: Grinch
Chose Charmander
Defeated The Grinch
Got the Town Map from The Grinch's sister
Left for Viridian City got Oak's Parcel
Returned to Pallet Town and Returned Oak's Parcel
Defeated the trainers in Viridian forest
Leveled Charmander up to 16 evolved into Charmeleon
Charmeleon defeated Brock
Went through Mt. Moon defeating any trainer in my way
Arrived in Cerulean City (finally, my Charmeleon was getting tired)
Fought Grinch in Cerulean city
Defeated all trainers on Nugget bridge (yay nugget!)
Caught and Abra named him Noel
Trained Noel up to level 16 Noel Evolved into Kadabra fighting the trainer's on the way to Bill's house
Got S.S. Ticket from Bill
Went back to Cerulean Gym fought Misty and Noel beat her Staryu easily
Noel beat Starmie with 3 hp left (yay badge #2.)

After this update I'll be posting once every gym or major event depending how much i have to say, the more i have to say the more frequently I will post though no more than once a day. My intention is to complete this challenge as close to the 25th without going over as possible.