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sorry :) seems like Ruby will leave X3 reason unknown~ maybe she didn't fell at home :P but here is the new character that'll replace her.

| Name: | Mana Murasaki

| Nickname: | Mana

| Age: | 14

| Sex: | Female

| Dorm: | Entei Dorm (she moves in in Ruby's old room)

| Appearance: |

| Personality: | Mana is a girl who have major confidence issues, she usually goes on really strong diets to stay skinny, totally pushing away the fact that she already is skinny. After the scientists added pokemon DNA to her own DNA this became even worser, she begun telling herself that she was weird, ugly and that her personality stinks and such. there are days she doesn't act like it though, she doesn't like to show this flaw at all. Since she got the ability "attract" after the DNA exchange she sometimes uses it to make people like her, not like like her, but just like, but this sometimes goes totally wrong.

On the other side, Mana is a very cheerfull girl with extreme shyness, causing her to run away sometimes. Mana also can be very spontanous, it actually depends on her mood, If she's happy she tends to act like a Espeon does, a little kittyish, if she's scared she becomes extremely shy, if she's in a normal mood then she's spontanous, and when she's angry... prepare to run away.

| History: | Mana grew up as a little girl with no friends, her only friend was a little Eevee which she got from her parents when she was born. Mana's first day at school was terrible, since all girls in her classroom immediately disliked her for no reason, the boys on the other side... totally ignored her or would stare at her. Mana developed major confidence issues after being bullied by the girls her entire primary school time, even trying to pick up fights with her sometimes. They would call her ugly even if she wasn't, call her a fat while she wasn't, tell her she was arrogant while she wasn't and things like that.

Mana's mother was a nice woman her father could've been better. Her father was a scientist and her mother a housewife. She managed to get into fights with her father alot, he would say that it was her own fault that she had no friends and that she probely did something to her classmates that they acted that way. And when Mana tried to explain it to him, he wouldn't listen. Her mother tried to cheer her up sometimes by giving her home-made apple pie which she liked alot, But her mother died when she turned 10 and so her happiness dissapeared along with her mother.

Her father worked for a professor who tried to find the secrets behind Pokemon Evolving. Thanks to this, Mana's father once got the idea to bring Mana's Eevee along to the lab and did experiments on her, which caused her to evolve in an Espeon. This was really weird because an Eevee evolves into an Espeon when it got love from their owner and so Eevee was taken away from Mana for more than a year, only to find out she evolved thanks to the love Mana gave her.

Then the professor got an insane idea, Mana's father had to offer his only daughter for a experiment or else he would be fired, and he did it without hesitating. Mana was brought to the lab at age of 12 and got injected with the DNA of her own Espeon, the professor wanted to know what happened to humans if they got Pokemon DNA in their blood. But this experiment failed since nothing really happened, only that Mana started to act more like a Pokemon and could talk to them now. This didn't interest the professor and so she was released, but her father now saw her as a failure and told her to leave -his- home.

Together with her Espeon she started living everywhere and nowhere, and soon she found out she got the abilty attract when she accidentally used it at an old classmate of hers, she came to like her in a friendship way and Mana really liked this.

Mana came to the academy to learn to be a better trainer and to make new friends, wether she had to use her ability or not.

Pokémon (Maximum of 3. No legendaries, 'shiny' or stage 3 pokémon. Oddly colored but not specifically 'shiny' pokemon are allowed, however.):

| Species: | Espeon
| Nickname: | Felicity
| Gender: | Female
| Personality: | Felicity is a quiet Espeon but will be happy around Mana anyway. If you try to hurt Mana's feelings or bully her, prepare for this Espeon's revenge.
| Lvl: | 29
| Moves: |
- Psybeam
- Psyshock
- Shadow ball (TM)
- attract
- Cut (HM)

| Species: | Glaceon
| Nickname: | Fox
| Gender: | Male
| Personality: | Fox is a bit of a cool acting pokemon but mostly fails at it. he's pretty kind and loves to be around others.
| Lvl: | 23
| Moves: |
- Ice Fang
- Bite
- Shadow ball (TM)
- Retaliate (TM)
- Dig (TM)