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Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
Dunno what you did, I'm going to ask - did you delete the Wild Pokemon entries on a map as that sometimes makes AdvanceMap go all crazy, or it used to, still may not be safe to do so. If you didn't, I have no idea.
I didn't delete all. Technically I didn't delete any because I was just trying the rearrange the Pokemon I already put into the map because I needed to fix the encounter rate (example: I don't want a Meowth to have a 1% rate when I just put him at the bottom of the Pokemon list) The program deleted them when the error came up.

I hope you aren't saying I just f-ed up my ROM because this was meant to be a gift to my fiance's twin brother who's in the hospital. X-X;;;; If that's the case then... Ugh... I dunno what I'm gonna do... This sucks. >o<+
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