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Originally Posted by Hyper Chibi Absol View Post
I didn't delete all. Technically I didn't delete any because I was just trying the rearrange the Pokemon I already put into the map because I needed to fix the encounter rate (example: I don't want a Meowth to have a 1% rate when I just put him at the bottom of the Pokemon list) The program deleted them when the error came up.

I hope you aren't saying I just f-ed up my ROM because this was meant to be a gift to my fiance's twin brother who's in the hospital. X-X;;;; If that's the case then... Ugh... I dunno what I'm gonna do... This sucks. >o<+
So, all you were doing was editing the Wild Pokemon Data in a map and you move map and the error comes up? Tried contacting Lu-Ho, the creator of the program? He may be able to give more help about what the issue could be, because from what you've said, this shouldn't be happening. Go through each step that you did.

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